North Dandalup Primary School (5134)

School Overview

Situated at the base of the Darling Range, approximately 80kms from Perth, North Dandalup is a small school in a natural setting with a population of 126 students spanning Kindergarten to Year 6. The school itself is steeped in history having been established in 1900.

At North Dandalup Primary School, we have a strong focus on the social, emotional and academic wellbeing of children and value the academic endeavours and sporting achievements of all of our students. The values we inspire in our students are to be resilient, resourceful, responsible and respectful.

Parents play a significant role in all areas of the school and are valued partners in the education of their children. There is an active P&C and parent support in school governance through the school council.

Our environmental program has been in existence for a number of years and we have received several awards for environmental education. Our approach includes hands on, problem solving and inquiry to understanding our natural environment. This year we are endeavouring to integrate a technological aspect into the program.

A number of environmental initiatives we have had include:
The Chickens & Chicken Coop
Perma-culture Vegetable Garden
Ribbons of Blue Water Monitoring
Globe - A programme of climate recording devised by CSIRO
Black Cockatoo Monitoring
Butterfly Garden
Native Plant Nursery
The Worm Farm
Roadside and Farm Tree Planting
The Compost Heap
Recycling Depot for the Community
Frog Pond
'Pathway to Nature'

By immersing the school in environmental endeavours, our students are involved in a hands-on approach to problem solving and learning. The program fosters the need to work together and an understanding of caring for the environment.