North Dandalup Primary School (5134)

School Overview

Situated at the base of the Darling Range, approximately 80kms from Perth, you'll find North Dandalup Primary School 1km north of the townsite in a unique natural setting with a population of 129 students spanning Kindergarten to Year 6. Established in 1900, the school preserves and respects it's rich history; however, endeavours to enrich the lives of its students preparing them for their future.

North Dandalup Primary School, we strive to deliver evidenced based, high quality teaching practices that ensure that every student, every day can succeed. We believe that building staff capacity and being a part of a high performing team is the cornerstone of school improvement. In order for students to have the best outcomes they need to have effective teachers who know what and how to teach.
We are working towards high expectations for all students. We expect excellent progress and achievement and excellent behaviour through the establishment of our values. We support our students through every developmental domain, prioritising mental health and wellbeing for each student to thrive as part of their school and wider community. We embed our values respect, responsibility, resilience, and resourcefulness every day with every child.

With strong School Board governance and an active P&C we work closely with our parent community, and they provide us with opportunities to enrich the lives students in our care.

Our environmental program develops our student's environmental consciousness to be leaders in environmental change well into the future. We deliver a multi-faceted, real life environmental program through STEM giving our students hands on, problem solving and inquiry-based learning experiences while working together to understand and improve our natural environment.

Our purpose is to become a school of excellence and to empower students to reach their potential. We strive for our students to find purpose and passion for the things they love, to face of life's challenges, to successfully contribute to society and to nurture and protect the environment that they live in.