Cue Primary School (5127)

School Overview

Cue Primary School was established in 1896 and is situated overlooking the township of Cue. Our school has a long, varied and proud history as part of the Queen of the Murchison community. This tradition continues today, as staff members seek to secure a strong future for the school through innovative and engaging strategies.

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds with an array of specialist skills. We have a principal and two classroom teachers, a manager of corporate services, two full-time education assistants, a part-time library officer/school officer, a part-time gardener and a part-time cleaner. Support staff provide invaluable skills and links between the school and community.

Our staff aim for excellence for everyone. Individual needs are identified and individual contributions are valued. The key words for the ethos of the school are care, understanding and excellence.
There are currently 12 students enrolled in the school ranging from kindergarten to Year 6. The Year 4-6 students are taught in the primary classroom and the Kindergarten to Year 3 students are taught in the early childhood classroom.

The school has a strong intervention program offering 'Stay and Play' sessions and a toy library. We also offer a three-year-old program twice a week. We have whole school programs in place to support literacy (Sounds Write and Talk 4 Writing) and numeracy (Top Ten Maths). Our LOTE subject is Auslan as we have had a profoundly deaf student enrolled in our school and access to the local Aboriginal language was not possible.

We pride ourselves on supporting students to experience a wide range of activities when pursuing academic goals. The use of technology to support the curriculum is strongly advocated by the school. The school is well equipped with computers, laptops and iPads. All classrooms are equipped with interactive smart boards. The internet and intranet are fully established and used extensively by the staff.

Our school has an inclusive environment and events such as; school sports day and interschool sports day, NAIDOC day and incursions such as Sci-tech and Food Sensations and an excursion to Geraldton for a Swimming Camp are delivered in order to support social and emotional development as well as academic learning.

An emphasis within the school is to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for students, parents, carers, community members and visitors. We are very aware of the importance the larger community plays in the development of the school and the students.

We work closely with the local health providers including a community nurse, occupational therapist, speech therapist, counselling and dental services. We also work with the local shire, who have assisted us with funding to run the 'Stay and Play' program and toy library. The Community Resource Centre also run activities for the students outside school hours and the local police support us with attendance at school activities such as assemblies and National Walk Safely to School day.

Cue Primary School is a member of the Murchison Cluster of Schools and follows the Murchison Education Strategy which promotes co-operation and strong connections between the member schools.

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T: 08 9963 0200