Coolgardie Primary School (5117)

School Overview

Coolgardie is located 550 kilometres east of Perth, approximately 40 kilometres west of Kalgoorlie, and 187 kilometres north of Norseman. The name Coolgardie is said to be derived from the aboriginal word 'Coolcaby', and is said to be a reference to the area's mulga vegetation and gnamma waterholes.
Coolgardie Primary School celebrated its centenary in 1994. The school was built during the gold rush era and is situated on a rise overlooking the town and gold mines. Three classrooms, a maths and literacy resource room, a support classroom, a hall and two storerooms are situated in the original stone building. One transportable building houses the Kindergarten and Pre-Primary. The library, built in 2005, is situated near the main building. The administration block, constructed in 1987, includes a reception area, staff room, Principal's office and photocopy room/office. In the year 2000 a Covered Assembly Area was built to the north of the basketball court. This facility includes a modern Canteen run by the P&C Association, a P&C room and sports store.
The learning programmes for children in years one to seven are delivered in the original main building and the large central hall enables integrated learning experiences in various learning areas to take place.
The major industry in Coolgardie is gold mining. A range of services are available in the town and the various historic sites attract tourists each year. The population of Coolgardie is affected by work opportunities that are linked to the mining sector. Whilst the town has a very transient population, many families have lived in Coolgardie for generations. The town has a population of approximately 1100 people, both aboriginal and non-aboriginal. Alongside these residents, the town has a transient population who reside in town in the short to medium term.