Coolbinia Primary School (5116)

School Overview

'Inspiring Growth' is a school focus. Staff aim to inspire student growth in the academic, physical, artistic and social domains. Our school has a strong focus on providing students with the knowledge, skills and values to create sustainable living.

Coolbinia Primary School is an Independent Public School first opened in 1955. The school is set amongst lush green trees, open space and bushland.

The school recently had a major building upgrade which included a new Early Childhood Centre, Library Resource Centre, Basketball/Tennis court and Administration Building. The school overlooks a large sporting oval with playground equipment for students of all ages.

Coolbinia Primary School provides Kindergarten education to students turning four by June 30. The Kindergarten is located on site in the Early Learning Centre.

Students are also provided with a plethora of unique opportunities including concerts, chess club, coding and robotics and interschool sporting competitions. A highlight for the Year 6 students is the camp which is both educational and memorable.

Parents and Community members play an active role in ensuring students are provided with the best possible learning opportunities. We foster an extended family environment where emphasis is placed upon critical thinking skills, respectful attitude and success for everyone. Adults and children are valued for their unique individual qualities and contributions.

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