Condingup Primary School (5111)

School Overview

Condingup Primary School is located in a small rural community 68 km east of Esperance.

The school is centrally located within the town in an attractive garden setting. It currently has 54 students enrolled from K-6. The school is well resourced and has a friendly and dedicated community committed to the school. The town itself offers a variety of facilities such as a general store, tavern, fuel, church, community centre, emergency services and a twice-weekly postal service.

Most of the children travel to and from school by bus from outlying farms. The people in the community are very warm and friendly, offering the typical country hospitality.

The school is supported by an active P&C committee who play a key role within the school and meetings are held monthly, and the canteen operates once a week. The School Council meets at least once per term and also plays a key role in the school. The Condingup Playgroup operates from the school site to enhance transition to schooling opportunities for families.

Students attend a swimming camp annually. During years 5-6 they have access to a further two camps - one to Perth, Albany or Kalgoorlie and also one to Canberra combining with the other small schools in our region. Camps offer students the opportunity to interact with other students and explore a range of activities and learning opportunities not available within our community. These camps are supported by the parents of our students.

We currently operate four classes;

- K/P
- Year 1/2
- Year 3/4
- Years 5/6

The learning programs offered reflect the Western Australian Curriculum. The staff use tracking tools based on Australian and WA Curriculum and assessment outline to monitor student progress and assist in the development of appropriate teaching and learning programs. Literacy and Numeracy blocks are implemented in all classrooms daily. Teachers use personalised teaching to cater to our small class sizes.

The school is in an isolated setting, but offers all services needed to live comfortably and still be able to enjoy the benefits of living in the country. There are good medical, shopping and recreational facilities, restaurants, holiday accommodation and much more.

Please get in touch with us for more information on Condingup Primary School.

T: 60212900