Freshwater Bay Primary School (5105)

School Overview

Believe, inspire and strive for a successful learning community.

Our culture embodies our school motto - Wisdom, Respect, Courage and underpins the success of our students and the commitment of our community.

As your child takes their first steps into school, you need to know that supporting your child is as important to us at school as it is to you at home. Support, collaboration and respect for each other underpins all of our relationships at Freshwater Bay Primary School.

Freshwater Bay Primary School is situated centrally in the suburb of Claremont at the mid-point of road and rail links between Perth and Fremantle. It caters for students from Pre-Primary through to Year 6. The stability of student and staff numbers contributes to the successful implementation of long-term strategies. Freshwater Bay Primary School offers an extensive specialist program in STEM, Music, Art Physical Education and French. The children are able to access an Instrumental Music Program from Years 3 to 6.
Freshwater Bay Primary School is a family and community oriented school with a tradition of providing a quality education to families in the Claremont.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and our focus on nurturing a growth mindset across all areas of school life is evident in all parts of our daily life. Our innovative teams provide a wide range of teaching and learning opportunities. Teachers work together to ensure that learning is personalised to meet the needs of all students. Teachers encourage students to become responsible for their learning, providing regular feedback and opportunities for independent decision making.

The Freshwater Bay Primary School Community, including school staff, school Board, parent association, parent volunteers and families work together in many ways to ensure that all students have equal access to a high quality education. Freshwater Bay Primary School takes pride in providing a safe and supportive environment with strong emphasis on high expectations around student learning outcomes. We aim to provide a range of programs designed to increase student engagement, extend our students who are achieving above expected levels and support those students who require additional assistance.

The school works closely with an active P&C Association and School Board to ensure the expectations of the community and the goals described in the School Vision are met.

You are invited to contact the school for more information about our programs and projects and it would be our pleasure to take you on a school tour.