Wangkatjungka Remote Community School (5101)

School Overview

Wangkatjungka Remote Community School is located in a remote Aboriginal community in the Kimberley region, approximately 110km from the nearest town centre, Fitzroy Crossing, including travel 20km of unsealed road. Three stations; Beefwood Park Station, Bulka Station and Christmas Creek Station surround the Wangkatjungka Community. Students that attend the school come from Wangkatjungka Community, Bawoorrooga Community, Kupartiya Community and Ngumpan Community, and occasionally from Galluru Community, Bulka Station and Christmas Creek Station. Some students travel 90 minutes to and from school each day.

Wangkatjungka Remote Community School was opened in 1962 as Christmas Creek School. Parts of the original school still remain and are highly valued by the school and the community. In 1990, the name of the school changed to Wangkatjungka Remote Community School. Our communities play an active part in school life at Wangkatjungka Remote Community School, ensuring the students are provided with the best, most culturally sensitive learning environment.

In recent years, the school enrolment has ranged between 40 to 60 students, the majority of whom are Aboriginal. The school caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6, with all four classes being multi-aged grouped. A 0-3 early childhood program runs at the school for community members to bring their non-school aged children for early learning.

The majority of the students speak Kriol at home and are learning Standard Australian English as a second or third language. Students participate in a Languages Other Than English (LOTE) class where they learn one of the local languages, Walmajarri, taught by a local community teacher. While formal language lessons are taught once per week, the language is embedded in daily practices such as morning assembly.

Students have access to services from agencies throughout the Kimberley such as Allied Health, PATCHES Paediatric Services, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, School Health Nurses and the School Dental Program. There is also a nursing clinic located in the community that collaborates with the school regularly.

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