Djugerari Remote Community School (5098)

School Overview

Djugerari Remote Community School is located 110km south east of Fitzroy Crossing. Nestled in amongst the stunning red hills of the St George Ranges, our school is an integral part of the community.

Our vision is to provide a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment that meets the needs of each individual. Students have the capabilities to contribute to community, are proud of their culture and strive to reach their full academic potential.

We are an active member of the Kimberley Schools Project and our staff are trained in and deliver targeted learning in Literacy and Maths. We can demonstrate significant progress in the learning skills of the students who attend regularly.

Enrolments fluctuate between seven and 14 students and due to the community's remote location, the school experiences high levels of student transiency. The school offers education from Kindergarten to Year 6, where the West Australian Curriculum is used to plan, assess and report on student learning. Our classroom structure allows for highly targeted and developmentally appropriate teaching, with a lower primary class (Kindergarten to Year 2) and an upper primary class (Year 3 to 6). All students speak Kriol as their first language, Walmajarri as their traditional language and Standard Australian English as an additional language.

Although Djugerari Remote Community School is small, the facilities are contemporary and well maintained. The two classrooms have interactive whiteboards, Wi-Fi, 1:1 iPad ratio, sound field systems and new furniture that support flexible classroom structures. There is also a library, an additional classroom that has been converted into a kitchen and 0-3 Room, an undercover basketball court and an office that has a Cell-Fi device enabling 3G mobile coverage within the school.

There are only 16 houses in Djugerari Community and everyone is required to travel to Fitzroy Crossing to access a range of facilities and services as there are no shops, mail or banks available in the community. However, the Royal Flying Doctors visit once a month to provide medical support. We have a friendly collaborative community and the children are characterised by their friendly welcome for visitors to the school.

T: 9191 7145