Carlisle Primary School (5090)

School Overview

At Carlisle Primary School we inspire our students to develop confidence, resilience, independence, and the ability to collaborate with one another to be the problem solvers, creators and innovators of tomorrow.

We achieve this through:
* Excellence in teaching & learning
* Empowering leadership
* Creating the conditions that foster learning and;
* Building a connected community

Supported by a committed and engaged community, our school places great importance on ensuring students develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable them to successfully adapt to a rapidly changing society. We foster student success through high-quality and consistent teaching and learning programs, supportive pastoral care initiatives, and a vibrant learning environment, where our students value the learning process and become confident and capable learners.

We recognise the profound impact that parents have on their child's learning and education and we understand that families bring skills that complement the teaching skills of our staff. Any contribution that families can make to their child's learning journey is valued, respected, and appreciated, where collaboration, support, and partnering are welcomed and encouraged.

Carlisle Primary School has generated a positive reputation for engaging our ever-evolving and culturally diverse community through establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with parents. As our community continues to evolve, we welcome the involvement of students, parents, and community members to join us in shaping the future of Carlisle Primary School. Our collaborative community approach not only provides opportunities for parents and others to engage with the school but also positions Carlisle Primary School as a true community place of learning.

A dedicated School Board and the Parents and Citizens Association are champions and advocates of our school. They provide direction and purpose to the school's operations and assist with its connection with the broader community.

We highly value the input received from a range of community organisations and agencies that are committed to providing outstanding support to staff and students. As a hub of our local area for almost a century, our school has worked hard to develop and maintain positive and fruitful relationships with a range of local stakeholders. We are committed to communicating openly and effectively, consulting with the community to inform decisions, and harnessing its strengths to develop a place of learning that is unified and welcoming.