Calista Primary School (5081)

School Overview

Calista Primary School is an Independent Public School that offers a Kindergarten to Year 6 education to 525 students. The school is situated in the City of Kwinana in a lovely bush setting setting close to the town centre and adjacent to modern shopping and Recquatic Centres. Our purpose is to celebrate the journey of learning by preparing students for their future through a caring, nurturing learning culture, where all students have the opportunity to achieve personal and academic success. This is underpinned by the values of Respect, Perseverance, Resilience and Compassion and the beliefs that every child matters every day, all children can be high achievers and students develop self-esteem and self-worth through social development and academic achievement.

The school has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with strong support from parents and a very dedicated staff. All staff welcome parents and believe that strong relationships between the school and community are extremely important. Survey data indicates that there is a high degree of satisfaction with the school, and there is a strong desire for enrolment from families out of the local intake area. Calista Primary school has formed strong links within the wider Kwinana community. In partnership with NGALA we manage the Child and Parent Centre that works with families with children from 0 to 8 years.

Our School operates a number of specialist programs including Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts and Chinese Language (Mandarin). Literacy and Numeracy are a priority at Calista PS and we follow an explicit teaching model to improve achievement in these areas. Over recent years we have seen gains in student achievement and our students on average are achieving better than like schools and similar to all Australian Schools. Student social, emotional, physical and learning needs are catered for and children feel safe, valued and supported by the school community. Behavioural guidelines are fair, consistent and established using a whole school approach. High attendance is encouraged and absences are followed up.