Calista Primary School (5081)

School Overview

Parents are proud to say that they attended Calista as children and our steady enrolments over time indicate that there is a high degree of satisfaction with the school. There is a range of staff, from those who have been here for many years, to those just commencing their careers. This mix of experience and enthusiasm provides for excellent learning opportunities for your children.

The school has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with strong support from parents and a very dedicated staff. All staff welcomes parents and believes that strong relationships between the school and community are extremely important. These are the elements which make Calista a school of choice.

Calista School commenced in 1964 and was granted the status of an Independent Public School commencing in 2011. The accommodation of the Primary School consists of 20 classrooms, a computer lab, library, cooking, and purpose built music and art centres compliment curriculum delivery for your child in specialist areas. The school canteen operates on a daily basis.

Students come from the surrounding Kwinana area with a range of family and cultural backgrounds. There is a pleasant, friendly atmosphere apparent throughout the school. Over 20 nationalities are represented in our student population. Calista continues to experience growth in enrolments as new housing developments are completed in the local intake area. As a result of the increased student population the school only accepts enrolment from within the local intake boundaries.

We have a strong environmental focus, with community involvement in our 'Nesting Box' project, Ribbons of Blue, Water Wise Programme and Air Watch. Each year level has an environmental responsibility that the students work towards. Calista Primary runs the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Scheme and has a productive vegetable garden which we use to supply our kitchen.

Calista Primary School has been selected to host a Child and Parent Centre. The school welcomes the opportunity of working closely with the centre in supporting families and their children from our immediate community as well as through our nearby schools and their communities. Families with young children (birth to 8 years) will have easier access to coordinated early learning, maternal, health, developmental and parenting support services and programs for their young children during these busy and important formative years.

A perimeter fence ensures safety and security for your child and this blends well with a pleasant mix of natural and introduced vegetation. Throughout our well maintained grounds there are ample play areas with attractive and safe play equipment for children to use during break times.