Brentwood Primary School (5061)

School Overview

Brentwood Primary School opened in 1956 and is situated 12 kilometres south of Perth. We provide learning programs for Kindergarten to Year 6 students. Our community consists of a multicultural population. We offer a high quality, engaging curriculum, with specialist teachers in Music which includes two choirs, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Science, English as an Additional Language or Dialect, Instrumental Music, Primary Extension & Challenge and Japanese.

Brentwood Primary School is committed to providing a quality education in an inclusive, caring, supportive and stimulating learning environment. Our quality teachers are focused on actively encouraging children to develop the essential knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence necessary for them to succeed in life. A strong emphasis is placed on the pastoral care and behaviour of students, enhancing student achievements in Literacy, Numeracy and also the use of Information and Communication Technologies across the curriculum. The pastoral care program focuses on the core values of respect, caring, responsibility, honesty and excellence. Students achieve well in NAPLAN. The school has adopted a 'continual improvement' philosophy and aims to focus on and address any areas of need in performance or operation that require support.

Our facilities include a new administration building, Early Childhood Education classrooms, a purpose built Art/Science room, Music room, and new playground equipment. These have greatly enhanced the school's programs by providing a positive learning environment and improving the appearance of the school. The school community also enjoys and uses the picturesque grounds. Many large trees, extensive grassed areas, hard courts for netball and basketball, and large oval are a feature. Our recently added Peace and Rose Gardens are both utilised by students and the community.

Our school ethos is to ensure that the students from Brentwood Primary School develop the understandings, skills and attitudes relevant to individual and society's needs, thereby enabling them to fulfil their potential. This is through an educational program that pursues excellence and relevance, promotes equality of educational opportunity and caters for individuals and groups with special needs.

Our School Vision is:
* We set standards of excellence and strive to achieve them as individuals and as members of our learning community so that we are equipped to effectively deal with the opportunities and challenges we will encounter in our lives.
* We are encouraged to be enthusiastic about learning and teaching, in a safe and supportive environment.
* We are an inclusive school and recognise the unique potential of all students and are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for each of them.
* Our relationships are based on mutual trust and respect and we accept responsibility for our actions.
* We support and respect our environment through reduce refuse and recycle practices.
* We have a motivated and capable staff, who feel valued and supported by the school community.

Our local community and parents are very supportive and are actively involved in our school and learning programs. We are supported well via collaborative partnerships which exist with the broader community. Brentwood Primary School hosts and supports a weekly Playgroup which is highly regarded by the broader community and well attended. The Parents and Citizens association and the School Council are very active in carrying out their roles. The P & C are highly engaged in providing additional resources to support student learning. The School Council is actively involved in governance and aspects of school planning processes and the monitoring of our performance. There is strong focus on excellence within the school.

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