Bluff Point Primary School (5049)

School Overview

School Creed:
This is Bluff Point Primary School
Let peace be here,
Let the rooms be full of happiness
May all children find friendliness
And love in our school

Bluff Point Primary School is located in the City of Greater Geraldton, approximately 420 kilometres north of Perth. The school celebrated its 100th Anniversary in October, 2013. Moving to its current site in 1965, the school boasts magnificent ocean views from the playgrounds. . The school is comprised of a mixture of older and newer buildings with purpose built Early Childhood, Science, Visual Art and Music rooms. Bluff Point Primary School currently hosts, on site, the Midwest Aboriginal Education Team, Visiting Teachers for the Deaf, School Psychologist, Chaplain and Child Dental Health Clinic.

Bluff Point Primary School is a Level 5 school that has been successful in achieving Independent Public School status as of 2015. It is part of the Midwest Education Region. Current student enrolment figures are approximately 370 from Kindergarten to Year 7. With the moving of Year 7 to secondary in 2015 we anticipate enrolments of approximately 310 from Kindergarten to Year 6. With enrolments drawn from Aboriginal, non-aboriginal, migrant and non-English speaking backgrounds, we pride ourselves on our collaborative, multicultural and inclusive environment.

The school places particular emphasis on developing quality teaching, early childhood education, literacy and numeracy, attendance, and home, school and community relationships. The school is supported by a dedicated staff ranging in experience from graduates through to 30 years at the school. This depth and breadth of experience ensures all students and staff 'Strive for the Highest' to reach their potential. Learning occurs within a safe, caring and supportive learning environment. With a full commitment, from all, to a continual process of self -assessment and improvement, we persistently monitor our progress and performance within three broad areas of Pedagogy, Ethos and Partnerships. Staff are committed to working collaboratively through a Professional Learning Community approach.

Students 'Voice' is encouraged through the appointment of Student Leaders, Students Councillors, Faction Captains, surveys, as well as other leadership opportunities. Student Councillors meet regularly with Administration staff to bring forward issues and ideas identified by the student population.

Our P&C is an energetic and enthusiastic team who are committed to supporting the school in many varied ways such as running our health promoting canteen five days a week, fundraising for Senior Camps, Nature Playground and resources for the Early Childhood area. We are appreciative of the families and community volunteers who support the school and students through the Breakfast Program, Reading Bugs, and Religious Education to name a few.

Bluff Point Primary School is an accredited Sun Smart School, Asthma Friendly School and Water Wise School and a member of the Health Promoting Schools program.

Life-long Learning

Self-discipline, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Vigour and Empathy (STRIVE)

School Motto:
Strive for the Highest!