Belmont Primary School (5038)

School Overview

Belmont Primary School has an enrolment of 119 students attending from Belmont, Ascot, Ascot Waters and parts of Cloverdale. There are currently split year level classes. An instrumental music program provides instruction in Brass for Year 6 children.
There is a wide distribution across the academic spectrum with NAPLAN test results for students in years 5 indicating a standard slightly above state average and above average for 'like' schools. A whole school student profile system is used to identify students at educational risk and appropriate programs developed to improve outcomes for them. Academically talented students are given support through programs designed to meet their needs.
The school has a well-structured and effective behaviour management policy which has contributed to improved and positive outcomes in recent years. The parents are very supportive of the school's behaviour management policy and academic programs and communication between the school and parents on these matters is excellent.
The small size of the school enables staff to know most of the parents on a first name basis and there is a great deal of informal communication. We have a very strong small community social atmosphere where students, parents and staff are friendly and caring.
The P&C, though consisting of a small group of parents, are actively involved in the school and very supportive with fundraising activities. Assemblies, sports days, and other special school functions are well supported. Parent help is used regularly in classrooms especially in the Pre-Primary and junior year levels.
We communicate regularly via a fortnightly newsletter and the use of CONNECT. Parent interviews are held at the end of Week 3, Term 1 and end of Term 2, in conjunction with the reporting process. Interviews also occur throughout the year when required or requested.
The school maximises its resources and has previously received strong financial support from the P&C to address non-curricula priorities such as playground equipment.
The introduction of Information Communication Technology (ICT) has resulted in the school being cabled and a network set up. All children have access to information technology through the computer centre, which has 30 computers, and all classrooms have 3-4 computers each. 30 Laptops and iPads are also available within classes. Digital and video cameras are used to support educational programs.
The school has previously had the approval and funds for new junior playground equipment, under covered assembly area, and extensions to the library resource centre.
The school grounds are attractive and well maintained. An upgrade to the administration area in 2016 has substantially improved office facilities. All teaching areas are air-conditioned with evaporative cooling.
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