Belmay Primary School (5036)

School Overview

Belmay Primary School, located in Cloverdale, caters for 210 children from Kindergarten through to Year 6. We are committed to providing the best possible foundations to enable our students to reach their potential and live happy, productive lives. We do this 'The Belmay Way' - working together with high expectations, showing respect and care for our students, their families and one another.

Our commitment to strong collaboration, high expectations and whole school practices is a cornerstone of our work. Belmay's quality curriculum provision provides strong foundations and extended opportunities for our students to shine in all areas of academia. Through goal setting, we encourage our students to work towards their personal best at all times, 'raising the bar' to strive for excellence. Belmay also provides opportunities for students to engage in enrichment activities in the areas of chess, Numero, choir and technology and enlists expertise to deliver specialist programs in Physical Education, Italian, Art, Drama, Music and Science.

A positive school culture, strong pastoral care and consistent approach to managing student behaviour continue to be a hallmark of our school. 'Choose Respect', now featuring on Belmay's school logo, is at the heart of all that we do. We have high expectations for our student leadership group to reflect and impart the Choose Respect message. In addition, programs such as peer support and Belmay's chaplaincy combined with a solid values focus in classrooms, ensure that every student is exposed to the skills and knowledge to make valued decisions and contributions in their community and for life.

Built on 7.5 hectares of land, the bushland and open spaces at Belmay add greatly to the positive school culture. Recent upgrades to the school include brand new covered play areas, fresh painting for the exterior of the buildings, covered walkways and the addition of a new adventure playground. As the site is geographically a large one, it is shared with the South East Metropolitan Language Development Centre and Outreach Service. A satellite class from Carson Street Primary School also operates in one of the Belmay classrooms. The three schools collaborate on sporting and social programs over the course of the year.

For more information on our school please contact us at
T: 6278 5400