Badgingarra Primary School (5021)

School Overview

At Badgingarra Primary School, our vision is to provide a challenging, rewarding and exciting learning environment where students are encouraged to develop to their full potential.

Our focus is on providing engaging learning programs that develop students academically, while also focusing on their social and emotional wellbeing and making them feel valued at all times. A partnership founded on strong relationships between students, teachers, parents and the community is the enduring platform upon which our school operates.

Our students are given the opportunity to develop the confidence they need to play an active part in the life of our school, family and community while being successfully prepared to transition to secondary school.

We have a strong focus on literacy and numeracy at Badgingarra Primary School. In addition, our students study Japanese and our well-regarded arts program. These programs allow students to engage in learning experiences where they have the chance to develop and practice new skills and perform for our community at assemblies and end of year presentation evenings.

We have excellent resources and facilities, thanks to the support of our P&C Association, and the community's commitment to education. We have desktop computers, and each student has an iPad, allowing for the integration of digital technologies into the curriculum. Our school is well-resourced with materials to support the delivery of our literacy, numeracy and cross-curricular programs. We also have a well-stocked, automated library.

We also work with nearby schools in providing students with engaging science and environmental projects, sporting events and incursions and excursions.

Badgingarra Primary School, situated approximately 210km north of Perth, was established in 1965. The school is located in a secluded, attractive site 8km from town. Students are transported by bus to the school each day.

We welcome your contact with us if you have any enquiries relating to our school and enrolment with us.

T: 9652 9060