Attadale Primary School (5016)

School Overview

Perseverance, respect and tolerance are the values we practice every day at Attadale Primary School.

Catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 6, our aim is to provide a vigorous and stimulating environment for your child's learning.

Renowned as a school of choice Attadale Primary School is an Independent Public School staffed by experienced and motivated teachers. Creating the right programs and learning environment for all students is part of what we do to ensure a rigorous and enjoyable education experience.

Students, parents and staff work hard to ensure our school is safe, friendly, reflective, motivational and able to change if needed to meet the needs of our students.

Staff are dedicated in their approach to education and to working as a team to realise the developmental needs of all students.

The principal and two deputy principals lead the administrative team which includes a Manager Corporate Services and two school officers. Our music specialists, art teacher and Indonesian teacher as well as a library technician all contribute to enriching students' lives and education.

In addition our school has dedicated and exceptional support staff who are experienced in all areas required to cover a wide range of our children's needs.

Our school features an onsite Kindergarten and the main school houses 14 classrooms, a multi-purpose library resource centre, music room, art room a well-equipped computer laboratory, wireless network, laptops and electronic whiteboards.

Students have access to an undercover activity area and a large hall used for assemblies, music, art exhibitions, physical education, dancing as well as school and P&C social events.
Our attractive, functional and spacious grounds feature an edible garden with mature fruit trees and vegetable garden beds.

Parents are encouraged to play an integral role in their child's learning including participating in school activities.

We pride ourselves on the high standards of behaviour and safety that exists at Attadale Primary School. Collectively, as a school and community, we plan to continue and build on this very high standard.

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