Ashfield Primary School (5015)

School Overview

Ashfield Primary School caters for 115 students from Kindergarten through to Year Six. Our students come from over 35 different nationalities which creates a rich diversity. At Ashfield Primary School we are committed to providing a high quality teaching and learning program that gives all of our students the opportunity to achieve success. With high expectations, we work together with the wider school community to prepare our students to become respected and contributing members of society.

Ashfield Primary School has three core values. These values are strongly embedded in our Behaviour Management System and Ashfield Superstars, which is our whole school rewards system to recognise our student's efforts.
* Respect - We will respect ourselves, others the community and the environment.
* Resilience - We will bounce back from adversity; learn from our mistakes and challenges ourselves to improve.
* Responsibility - We will take responsibility for our learning, our behaviour and our future.

Our highly refined and high quality teaching programs are designed to engage our students and develop their knowledge, understanding and skills to become confident learners. As a school we have a strong curriculum focus on numeracy, literacy and science. In numeracy, we have adopted programs such as Matheletics, Origo Stepping Stones and a strong approach to Mental Computation to support the development of our students. In literacy, we use Soundwaves, Bug Club and Pearson English. Primary Connections is the core teaching resource behind our science program.

A large focus had been put into ICT over the past 2 years. We have purchased and implemented the use of iPads, Chromebooks and laptops within the school. We also have a functional computer lab; with enough desktops to cater for every student. Each class has been fitted with an up-to-date interactive whiteboard and has its own class set of chromebooks. To assist the implementation of these resources, we have a specialist ICT teacher who delivers IT lessons to the whole school, one day a week.

We also offer a highly skilled physical education program which provides extension through a number of inter/intra school carnivals such as: cricket, AFL, AFLW, athletics, cross country, netball, soccer and teeball. Our Principal and Deputy Principal provide before and after school sporting programs such as tennis, Auskick, Milo In2 Cricket, basketball, athletics and rugby.

Our arts and music specialised program is taught by a local artist and musician and we also offer on-site instrumental lessons.

Our strong pastoral care program includes a School Psychologist, Chaplin and a number of volunteers from the community who combine to offer Breakfast Club to the students every morning before school.

Students are taught in classrooms with up-to-date multimedia technology and air-conditioning. Outside, Kindergarten and Pre-primary students enjoy their own enclosed outdoor play area with climbing frames, swings and sandpits. Basketball courts, climbing frames, a large oval, Undercover Area and a large nature space provide plentiful opportunities for our older students.

Ashfield Primary School has an active P&C and invites new parents to become involved. The P&C are heavily involved in the positive promotion of the school within the community. This has seen the school celebrate its diversity with Cultural Celebration Days and Christmas Extravaganzas. The P&C run the Uniform Shop and School Banking on Thursday mornings.

Ashfield Primary School was established in February 1955. Ashfield is a very small suburb that is
surrounded by four distinct boundaries. The school's catchment area extends to Wyatt Road and Wright Crescent in the west (Tonkin Highway), to Shackleton Street in the east, Guildford Road and the Perth/Midland railway line in the North and Swan River in the South.

We welcome you to learn more about our amazing school.
Contact details:
Phone: 08 9377 0211
Address: 65 Margaret Street
Ashfield WA 6054

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