Ardross Primary School (5012)

School Overview

At Ardross Primary School we are proud of providing a learning environment where students and staff work together to learn new skills, take on leadership roles and develop self-confidence. Our school motto; Motivate, Educate, Celebrate, is embedded in all areas of learning and within each classroom. The caring staff, friendly students and supportive community all work together to build a powerful learning environment.

We are renowned throughout the community for its high level of academic achievement and vibrant integrated program. Ardross primary is proud of its recognition at international, national and state levels for students' excellence, developing thinking skills and environmental education.

We have high expectations for every student to succeed and to accomplish their very best. Our students have the opportunity to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities including excursions and programs such as 'River Rangers'. Specialist classes in Art, Physical Education, Music including The Instrumental School Service and Japanese, enhance breadth of learning. Intervention programs for students at educational risk, including Gifted and Talented, ensure the individual needs of students are catered for. Our focus on higher order thinking, inquiry skills and collaborative learning opportunities also assist us in preparing our students for their future careers.

Social and Emotional Well Being is achieved at Ardross Primary School through the implementation of targeted, research-based programs and our Students at Educational Risk (SAER) team, including our school chaplain. This inclusive program enables us to encourage a collective effort to optimise the social, emotional, and academic outcomes of all of our students.

The staff at Ardross PS work as a dynamic team. There is a strong sense of community within the school due to staff working closely with the parent community to build strong partnerships that assist our school to continue to change and grow. Their own commitment to life-long learning ensures they are actively involved in professional learning to enrich their teaching practice.

Ardross Primary School is an inclusive, dynamic community. We are proud of our cultural diversity which includes students from many nationalities. There are many opportunities for parental involvement. An active P&C Association and School Board works tirelessly for the benefit of our students.

Our focus on sustainability is visible through the stunning bushland that has been created with the help of students and community members. Students visit farms and local wetlands to plant shrubs they have grown from seed. They are able to physically see the difference they make to our environment.

Sue Mikkelsen-Taylor