Applecross Primary School (5010)

School Overview

Applecross Primary School is where historical settings meet a contemporary, innovative learning environment. The heritage listed buildings provide a rich background to the students who connect with the days of yesteryear yet embrace the future with 21st Century learning skills.

Established in 1905, Applecross Primary School has evolved as the community has developed. Our school caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. We embrace our diversity, with many families coming from overseas and students leading a well-travelled life. Our motto of 'Excellence in the Community' means our students aspire to reach their full potential, both within our school and in the community in which they live.

Our Staff is highly experienced and works as a dynamic team, embracing best practice to ensure every child develops their potential. Many staff members have specific expertise in a range of areas, with special programs being developed and offered to students. Staff work closely with the parent community to build strong partnerships that assist our school to continue to change and grow. Our School Board and P&C contribute significantly to the educational opportunities for our children.

Children from Years 1 - 6 participate in specialist classes in Art, Physical Education, Music and French. Gifted and Talented Extension classes are offered to children working independently in a range of areas, as well as Intervention for those children who need assistance to develop their skills in Mathematics and Literacy. The School of Instrumental Music offers guitar, clarinet and strings to those children who demonstrate aptitude in this area. There are a range of 'seasonal' programs that also engage students in their learning. Our PATHS program for the development of Social and Emotional Well-being is complemented by our School Chaplain who runs programs such as 'Seasons 'and 'In Real Life' which build resiliency and positive mental health.

Connecting with the rich Aboriginal history of the Applecross area, our school has restored the bushland that surrounds the outside and highlights the scar trees that are within the grounds. Working closely with Aboriginal Elders and academics from surrounding universities, the school acknowledges the strong ties to the land and the significant contribution Aboriginals have made to the area.

Applecross Primary School has a strong sense of community, where everyone works together to achieve and build success across a range of domains. The caring staff, the friendly students and supportive community all work together to build a powerful learning environment, which is held in high regard across the local and wider community.