Amaroo Primary School (5008)

School Overview

The Amaroo Primary School Motto is - Industry Faith - Industry or 'to be industrious' refers to a persons diligence, their devotion to a task, being able to work hard and their ability to 'get on with the job'. An interpretation of 'Faith' relates to being loyal, trusting, to believe in a set of standards or code of conduct and to have confidence or trust in people or a place. Each of these attributes work in two ways. Firstly is the aspiration of what every member of our school community can and should expect when at Amaroo. Secondly is the role that every individual should aspire to, playing their part in making sure that 'Industry' and 'Faith' are not just words on a logo but real things at Amaroo. Our aim is to play a central role in our community through supporting high levels of academic, physical and social achievement.
Amaroo Primary School provides a place where students have access to evidenced based, innovative programs. Our professional staff delivers a broad and challenging curriculum offering opportunity for students to explore and develop their talents whilst acknowledging that students learn at different rates and in different ways. We work together, adopting an inclusive whole school approach where all are accountable and responsible for the growth and development of every child providing opportunities for them to be the best they can. Our Pastoral care team comprises of the Pastoral Care Deputy Principal, School Psychologist, Chaplain and the Principal.
Our student results compare favourably with like schools. Teachers work in teams that develop curriculum and instructional strategies to develop the skills of students. Student learning enriched by the vibrant music, visual arts, science and physical education programs that offer our students access to specialist knowledge.
At Amaroo we are committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment, an environment that has established processes, procedures and structures that create a school community where all stake holders share and are a part of the education of the whole child. Information is shared with the community via a variety of means including a fortnightly newsletter; email, website, Skoolbag app and SMS.
A firm and fair approach to behaviour management is supportive of positive students' behaviour. This approach is supplemented by the expertise of a school psychologist and a chaplain who are vital members of the pastoral care team. We support the development of the whole child through our engagement in the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and KidsMatter programs. As a PBS school we have developed our whole school expectations of Care, Achieve, Respect and be Safe. Our students are explicitly taught social and emotional lessons based on the You Can Do It and Virtues programs. This ensures all students understand the expectations of our school and we are able to provide a safe, inclusive and engaging learning environment.
Amaroo supports and promotes the appropriate use of technology in school to prepare students to learn, train and live in a digital world. Equitable access to educational materials through technology is provided in the classrooms for all students to learn through the Internet, programs and apps via a bank of desktops and iPads, an interactive whiteboard/SmartBoard or eBoard, and a printer. Other available technologies include digital cameras, Apple TVs/Reflector and laptops to complement their learning. We use technology to enable students to have access to educational material even when they're not in class or at school. Programs such as Mathletics and Reading Eggs assist students learning at home and school.
As an Independent Public School with the flexibility to meet the needs of our own community; our school has always operated under the belief that strong links between parents and wider community support student and school improvement. Amaroo Primary School was selected as an IPS in 2014 as a part of the fifth intake of IPS schools in Western Australia.
A key link with the school is the School Board, which contributes significantly to school decision-making. Our Parents and Citizens Association is an active organisation which has provided ongoing support for the school. The school canteen is also very successful and provides a range of healthy food products. We also provide a Breakfast Club in partnership with Foodbank from our canteen before school every day.
Amaroo Primary School is situated in Collie, an industrial town, 200 kilometres south of Perth. The major industry stakeholders are Synergy, Lanco Coal, Worsley Alumina, Premier Coal and Blue Waters Power Station. The school opened in 1950 and is classified as a Level 5 Primary School incorporating K-6 students. We are an inclusive school catering for the needs of all children.