Allanson Primary School (5006)

School Overview

Allanson Primary School has a long and colourful history and tradition as documented by Aileen Rusconi and Esther Saunders in the Publication, 'Our Little Bush School.'
The original Allanson School was established in 1913 to cater for children from families involved in the first coal mining and timber felling operations in this region. Dorothy Gibson was our school's founding principal and she opened the rolls with 27 students.

The original 1913 building was extensively renovated during 2001. This restoration project was undertaken by members of the Allanson community and funded through a Centenary of Federation grant. The building has returned to its former glory and stands proudly in the school playground.

Student numbers steadily increased throughout the years requiring the construction in 1923 of Allanson's second school building. This was extended in 1926 to its current size. It is presently used as a Kindergarten, Music/Drama room and by a local playgroup.

In 1990 the third school building consisting of a cluster of four classrooms, utility area, toilets, breezeway and administration area was completed. These additions to the school catered for the increased student population following the release of land in the Allanson Park subdivision.

An administration upgrade completed for the commencement of the 2002 school year included a new office, reception, sick bay, storage room, staff room and improvements to staff toilets and work area. An extension to the breezeway and the inclusion within the design of external doors has dramatically improved the available facilities for students. A new boy's toilet and changes to the girl's toilet allows students external access.

Extensions to the lawn area for use during lunch and recess time is an additional improvement impacting on the safe management of student traffic.

Allanson has always been a small school and was threatened with closure in 1984 as enrolments had fallen to approximately 8 students. Since 1986 through the support of the community, Allanson Primary School has experienced steady growth. This has seen the school grow from a 'small bush school' to a level 4 school in less than 12 years. From 1997 the school has catered for the education of primary students from the age of 4 (K) to the age of 12 (Yr 7). The school library is housed in a transportable building (1997) however through the use of technology research work is coordinated throughout the school.

In May 2000 a purpose built transportable Early Childhood Centre was located alongside the 'old' school and joined via a verandah. The Pre-Primary students are located in this transportable room.

A new library resource/technology centre is planned for completion in April 2006. The library will be inclusive of the school ICT program and continue the strong ICT influence clearly evident across all classrooms and the way in which teachers teach and students learn.

Allanson Primary School is best described as having 'a learning environment' where students are able to achieve at their optimum level and maximise learning opportunities.

In 2013, Allanson celebrated its centenary year.

Allanson Primary School is to be:
A small community enriched school that provides a high standard of educational opportunities across all learning areas, identifying and catering for the talents and needs of individual students to prepare them for the ever changing future.

To ensure that our students develop the understandings, skills and attitudes relevant to individual needs thereby enabling them to fulfill their potential and contribute to the development of our society.

How we want our students to use their school motto to help guide their way at Allanson PS.

Care: Respect and concern for ourselves, respect and concern for others and care for the environment

Learn: Strive to be a responsible learner to gain essential skills, knowledge and understanding for lifelong experiences

Achieve: Striving to do our personal best with courage and commitment