Carnarvon Community College (4941)

School Overview

Our College is currently in a process of vibrant change. In 2019 the campuses at Marmion and Cleaver Streets will be co-located into a K - Year 12 campus offering a streamlined 21st century teaching and learning environment.

For our students to feel valued at all times, their health and wellbeing is of paramount importance. We provide a caring and nurturing environment supported by our Student Support Services team of educational psychologists, chaplain, nurse and dental therapists. The College measures its effectiveness through the achievement and character of its students and the integral part it plays in the community.

We teach our students social skills so they can demonstrate our values of Unity, Respect and Success. We are a Positive Behaviour Support school. Whatever your child's age group, we have a dedicated staff to ensure their learning needs are met. Our College delivers a curriculum founded on the belief that every student can enjoy success at school and deserves the best possible opportunity to do so.

Carnarvon Community College is one of 37 schools offering the KindiLink Program for three year old Aboriginal children and their parents/carers. Our core learning is devoted to Literacy and Numeracy, an integral part of our curriculum. Our skilled early childhood team work closely with the West Coast Language Development Centre to ensure the best in literacy learning. We are committed to providing an excellent STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Program across the College. The Chinese language programme is being expanded from Years 3 to 6.

All students have access to innovative and flexible pathways and options for learning in a variety of environments. We have an academic pathway through the School of Isolated and Distance Education. An Independent Learning Co-ordinator works with our students to gain access to their course of choice at university. Our Vocational Education and Training Co-ordinator sources pathways for students into apprenticeships, traineeships and work experience placements.

We recognise that some students have different strengths and aptitudes. Our Work Ready program for Years 10,11 and 12 provides multiple opportunities for them to achieve individualised success.

To allow students to access and experience multiple opportunities, our learning programs include College Band, Clontarf Football Academy, Shooting Stars Netball Academy, Bushrangers, Follow the Dream and the Girls from Oz Programmes.

The Carnarvon Community College has an ongoing relationship with the University of WA through the Aspire programme, TAFE, the mining sector, local business, government and industry. Our college is recognised at national level for developing exemplary partnerships with the Remote Schools Attendance Strategy.