Canning College (4500)

School Overview


In December 2017 the Western Australian Department of Education Director General announced that 'Canning College will become Western Australia's dedicated provider of education programs for overseas fee paying international students completing senior secondary programs or their equivalent. This is part of the Government commitment to strengthen international education in Western Australia'.

The announcement builds on our 33 year history as Western Australia's leading pathway to university for international students. While we have a special relationship with the universities of Perth, college graduates can enrol at all universities across Australia and at many universities across the world. Our graduates have studied at universities in Australia, England, Ireland, America, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.

Our curriculum has been tailored to meet the specific learning needs of international students and provides multiple entry and exit points to best support the transition across education systems and progress to university. International students can commence enrolment in Year 10, Year 11 or Year 12, and at first year university level in Business. Bridging programs of various lengths support the flexible entry arrangements are also offered.

In 2018, 39 students (35% of our February start Western Australian Universities' Foundation Program students) received an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank between 95 and 100, placing them in the top 5% of all university entrants in Australia. These students came from Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iran, Korea, India and Zambia. 66% of graduates were eligible to access a 'Group of 8' university and 83% of all graduates met university entrance requirements. These students are now studying engineering, agricultural science, biomedical science (pathway to medicine), marine science, commerce, design, architecture, law, actuarial science, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medical imaging, nursing, pharmacy, computing, arts and many more.

In a 2018 student survey of international students in Australian schools which offer international education, our students expressed a much higher level of satisfaction than students in all schools across the indicators of learning (95.7% vs 83.1%); arrival and reception (84.6% vs 78.9%), and support for students (97.5% vs 85.6%). This survey was conducted by igraduate, an independent research group.

A student from Hong Kong who graduated in 2018 said, 'Enrolling in Canning College helped me to achieve my goal of entering physiotherapy. I studied the Western Australian Universities' Foundation Program and earned a place in physiotherapy for 2019. The teachers and staff were very helpful in assisting me with subject choices and in helping me to understand what was needed to be successful at Canning College and at university. The staff know the curriculum very well and have a broad knowledge of university programs. As Canning College is very close to Curtin University, the campus was familiar to me when I started my degree which made it easier to settle in. Overall, the Canning College program, staff and environment provided excellent preparation - academically and personally - to perform well at university' - now studying physiotherapy at Curtin University.

Our staff members regularly visit major cities in China and Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia (West and East), Vietnam, Indonesia and Zambia. Opportunities are available for potential students and their parents to meet with officers at education exhibitions and other events. We also has extensive partnerships with international education agents throughout South East Asia and Africa.

For further information please refer to our website at or phone +618 9278 3500.