Piara Waters Senior High School (4214)

School Overview

Piara Waters Senior High School is situated in the beautifully landscaped suburb of Piara Waters, approximately 25kms south of Perth. The school is surrounded by luscious greenery and will form part of the vibrant, multicultural community of Piara Waters. The school commenced with Year 7 students in 2023, and will add each year to its growing cohort, until it reaches Year 12 in 2028.

Construction of Stage One commenced in April 2021. Construction is ongoing with the final completion of Stage One to be complete by mid-year 2023. Stage One of the school comprises state of the art facilities, including Education Support, Student Services, an Information Resource Centre, a Cafeteria, Food and Technology areas, Science Laboratories, Humanities and Social Science Learning Areas, AFL/Soccer/Cricket oval and hard courts for Basketball, Netball and Tennis.

Our students are living in a rapidly changing world, and they need the skills to adapt and change with it. A diverse curriculum offering traditional and innovative programs of study, combined with innovative approaches to learning and teaching, will equip students to develop the skills they need to confront, adapt and thrive in a competitive and dynamic future world. Specialist staff will provide our students with individual support with a strong focus on wellbeing and education of the 'whole child'. Piara Waters Senior High School is an inclusive place of learning, and our highly skilled staff are dedicated to ensuring that every young person in our care will exceed expectations and achieve at their highest level.

We value positive relationships and the spirit of 'community' and will work with our community to make Piara Waters Senior High School a place where people bond around shared values and a common goal of success for our children.

To find out more about becoming a part of our school community, please contact the Principal, Carol Daniels at PiaraWaters.SHS@education.wa.edu.au