Bob Hawke College (4213)

School Overview

Bob Hawke College in Subiaco opened in February 2020 to more than 250 Year 7 students and is the first high density public secondary college in Western Australia.

We understand the importance of looking after the wellbeing of the whole child. Every student at our College will be well known and valued. Our pastoral care approach has been specifically designed to support young adults. Specialist staff provide students with individual support as well as health and wellbeing programs. All our teaching and essential services staff excel in their profession and inspire and motivate students, encouraging them to take responsibility for themselves, for others and for the world around them.

Student achievement and endeavour is at the heart of Bob Hawke College. We encourage our students to challenge themselves across areas of learning, to extend themselves to achieve their personal best and excel in areas of interest.

Bob Hawke College offers a diverse curriculum of traditional and contemporary courses alongside a strong set of College values which will provide the basis for students to become internationally-minded and able to contribute to global endeavours. A large arts footprint is visible on the campus including Media, Drama, Dance and College based selective programs in Music and in Visual Arts. A full suite of technologies is offered, including Design Technologies (Wood and Metal), Food and Textiles Studies, together with a significant emphasis on the Digital Technologies including Coding, Mechatronics and Robotics. We also offer extra-curricular activities including Clubs, which involves before and after school scheduled activities which will allow your child to explore their passions and interests.

We have been selected to host one of public education's most highly regarded programs - the Gifted and Talented Academic Program, giving high ability students the opportunity to apply for the program in English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences. Under our Bob Hawke Regional Academic Scholarship program, we award two annual scholarships to successful Gifted and Talented students attending Bob Hawke College and boarding at Department of Education facilities at the City Beach Residential College.

Our students have access to cutting edge technology in state-of-the-art surroundings and world class facilities. Our buildings and work-spaces reflect the historical and cultural context of the College and its place in the developing community of Subiaco. Students benefit from strong connections fostered with local business, industry, university and training providers.

Stage 1 of the College includes general classrooms; specialist workshops, laboratories and studios for science, technology, engineering, design and food courses; health and physical education learning areas; student services; a library resource centre; a lecture theatre; cafeteria; internal courtyards and playing courts.

The recent announcement of Stage 2 will provide spaces for our students to rehearse and showcase their creative talents, including a performing arts centre, dance and visual arts studios, music rooms and two state-of-the-art media studios. It also includes more general classrooms, a roof terrace and landscaped areas to accommodate up to 2,000 students at capacity.

For general queries, please contact our main office on (08) 9222 5600; email or visit our website . For enrolment queries, including our Gifted and Talented Academic Program and scholarships, please contact our main office or email