Western Australian College Of Agriculture - Harvey (4204)

School Overview

The College is a Registered Training Organisation delivering up to Level III qualifications to students in Agriculture and Level II in related trades. The knowledge and skills gained by students lead to a wide range of employment opportunities and further training.

Harvey Ag is a boarding college with capacity for approximately 128 male and female students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Limited numbers of students may also attend the College as day students.

The College aims to introduce and develop independent living skills, encouraging students to have confidence, responsibility, motivation and pride in themselves.

Having the College re-built on our farm site at Wokalup, has amalgamated us back to one campus by uniting all the resources, staff and students as well as creating a village feel amongst the dorms. This has enabled the scope to offer more certificates and qualifications to students and has created an industry-related working environment.

In addition to the classroom, gymnasium, administration and residential resources, there were additions made to the Metals Trade Training Centre. Furnishings, Automotive and Building and Construction has been built and fitted out with state of the art machinery. This has given the students an opportunity to work with equipment and facilities associated with the workplace.

The College is located at Wokalup which is 8kms south of Harvey, approximately 1 1/2 hours south of Perth and 35 minutes north of Bunbury.

The farm covers 920 Ha of prime farming country, this includes 35 Ha which is currently used for perennial pasture and horticulture, with the remaining 'hill' country used for extensive grazing.

The College consists of the Residential buildings, Classroom, Gymnasium, Design & Technology and the Administration. Horse agistment facilities are available for students wishing to have their horse on site for the Equine program and recreational purposes. Students have access to a range of other recreational facilities including an endorsed motor cycle track.

A number of commercial-size enterprises are run including sheep, beef, dairy and horticulture, with students
involved in all aspects of their operation. Students are also exposed to and trained in intensive agriculture inclusive of pigs, poultry and aquaculture, with access to butchershop facilities.

The WA College of Agriculture at Harvey runs a selection process for prospective students who are committed to the program and with aspirations and interests able to be furthered by the learning opportunities on offer.

Prospective students interested in enrolling in Year 10, 11 or 12 are encouraged to attend the free three-day Tryout program offered at the College during the year. The program has been designed to provide an insight into what the College has to offer. Students will have the opportunity to attend farm, trades and stay in residence.

This is followed by an informal interview with the Principal. If you are interested in the Tryout, please complete the Tryout/Admission form and send it into the College. Dates of Tryouts are available on the website or by contacting the College.

Our past graduating students have obtained highly successful careers in a range of industries. A number of students seek Tertiary studies upon leaving the College. For the most, graduates are well sought-after for employment due to their wide-ranging skill base and well-developed work ethic as well independent living skills.

For more information on our College, please visit our website, Facebook or Instagram page. You can also contact us on