Western Australian College Of Agriculture - Morawa (4203)

School Overview

The WA College of Agriculture - Morawa, a highly regarded College which provides Agricultural Education and Training to students in Years 10, 11 and 12.

Students are attracted from across Western Australia to study specialised agriculture through a combination of WACE subjects and nationally accredited certificates, with a focus on the agricultural, mining and trades areas. Students who have an interest in agriculture, mining or trades areas are educated on a large commercial farming property in the northern wheat belt with cropping, cattle, sheep and pig enterprises.

Partnerships with industry ensure that students have access to the latest research and development and industry best practice in agriculture. Through the College Board and Agricultural Advisory Committee's commitment to continuous improvement, students have access to the latest machinery, equipment and workshop facilities.

In the enrolment process, students must demonstrate an interest in agriculture or related industries, a positive work ethic and academic record, a clean behaviour record and strong parental support. The College values respect and integrity and supports students to reach their individual potential and become valued citizens and life long learners.

An integral component of the enrolment process is the 'Free Trial Week'. This provides students considering an agricultural education with the opportunity to try before they buy. With free board at the College Residential Campus for that week, students are immersed in the opportunities and programs offered at the College to enable an informed decision about their future education and career pathway to be made.

The Residential Campus was built in 1992, with an additional two sixteen bed dorms and a six bed medical centre completed in 2011 and now houses up to seventy two male and female students. The design varies between individual rooms with shared ablutions or twin share rooms with a private ensuite. The dormitories are modern and well designed, fully air-conditioned and each have a common room with kitchenette and television. The Residential Campus has a state of the art dining room and kitchen where students are provided with full board.

The College Farm adjoins the Morawa town site on the southern, eastern and western boundaries. Total property area is 3,242 Ha - 1,200 Ha arable and the balance comprising salt-lakes and bush areas.

The farm is divided into 3 distinct areas. 'Ag Farm', 'Cobweb' and 'Granvilles'. The 'Ag Farm' is the centre of activity; machinery sheds, workshops, hay shed, piggery, shearing shed, cattle and sheep yards, and abattoir are located here. This is where you will find the Administration, workshops, classrooms and library. 'Cobweb' is a self sustaining holding where the majority of cropping and new development is occurring. Emphasis is placed upon economic scale of production. A cattle feedlot, which has a capacity of 200 animals is situated on this property. The 400 ha property 'Granvilles' which adjoins the 'Ag Farm' was purchased in 2001.

Students are rostered on to various sections of the farm to ensure exposure to all facets of the farm operation. In addition to regular program of farm work, students are required to participate in work experience, weekend work and shift work during seeding and harvesting.
The practical experience gained by students enables them to develop self confidence and competence in managing and operating all forms of specialised farm machinery.

The College works with Industry groups and is currently undergoing trial work inconjunction with the Mingenew Irwin Group (MIG).

The farm crops approximately 1,000 ha annually. Wheat, Barley, Oats, Lupins, Canola, Medic Clover and Serradella are the principle crops grown. Production using minimum tillage, stubble mulching and conventional cultivation allows for useful comparison. Emphasis is placed on soil conservation techniques.

The two year course includes the following SCSA accredited Courses of Study and subjects.

The following areas of study which can lead to the attainment of Nationally Recognised Certificates.


The College developed a Year 10 program in response to numerous enquiries received annually from students that are seeking a more practical alternative to mainstream education.

The program provides a learning style to suit the more practical students as well as providing the opportunity for students to make an early start on the path to tertiary education by better preparing them for the advanced Yr 11 and Yr 12 stream.

We deliver and assess an educational program that covers five of the eight learning areas outlined in the Australian Curriculum for Yrs 8 - 10.

Within the program we cover subject matter that fulfils outcomes in; English, Science, Maths, Technology and Enterprise, Health and Physical Education, History, Rural Skills (on-line) and Agriculture.

The program consists of an integrated learning program using the College farm and workshops as extended classrooms for the traditional subject areas (Maths, English etc.) The program concentrates on using the focus of Agriculture and related industries to improve students' skills and knowledge.