John Tonkin College (4196)

School Overview

John Tonkin College, centrally located in the City of Mandurah, heralds a new era for public education in Mandurah and provides outstanding opportunities for secondary students. The college offers a broad choice of courses and programs for Year 7 - 12 students in the Peel region as well as the southern metropolitan corridor.

John Tonkin College is named after one of Australia's longest serving politicians, John Tonkin. The late John Tonkin was a teacher, then education minister and then Premier of Western Australia. He valued fair play, hard work, tolerance, patience and believed in correct and proper teaching that developed good relationships with students.

The Department of Education Approved Specialist Surf Science Program is offered at John Tonkin College. This program engages students in marine environment studies and outdoors pursuits and is suited to students who have a strong academic work ethic.

John Tonkin College is an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) school. This program is currently delivered to all students in Year 7-9. AVID instils the skills necessary for academic success through organisation, collaboration and a strong focus on reading and writing skills. The purpose of AVID at John Tonkin College is to enable students to achieve their post-school goals.

Through our mission, celebrating excellence in teaching, we challenge and support our staff and students to reach their potential. This mission is driven by our values:

Respect: for self and others, and the college
Commitment: to take ownership for choices and responsibility to achieve the goals
Excellence: to continually challenge ourselves to achieve our potential.

The college vision is 'a unique centre of excellence for lifelong learning'. A learning culture of high expectations for every student to achieve excellence in their pursuits is embedded through highly committed and professional staff, resulting in self-reliant, motivated, well rounded, inquiring individuals with a strong sense of self identity and purpose.