Cape Naturaliste College (4178)

School Overview

Cape Naturaliste College (CNC) was established in 2008 after extensive consultation with members of the community and that strong community involvement continues to this day. The College began its journey as a middle school, with a strong belief in the value of teamwork and a spirit of collaboration that has come to pervade the school ethos. Over time, a visibly strong sense of belonging and pride in the College has grown along with a significant expansion to the breadth and sophistication of the College's facilities, along with its ceremonies, extra-curricular activities, musical and sporting events. CNC has consistently shown the resilience to adapt to new challenges whilst maintaining the essence of its culture.

For over a decade the defining feature of CNC has been the close relationships staff establish with their students and the passion they invest in their academic success and wellbeing. As an Independent Public School, the College has been able to selectively build a talented staff that meets the needs and priorities of the College, including highly experienced teachers and new, enthusiastic practitioners. The staff work collaboratively and strategically to refine their practice and support all students to ensure their needs are met. The shared belief that 'every student is every person's responsibility' underpins a positive learning environment where students are engaged, resilient and independent members of the community. Students have been consistently recognised for their outstanding academic and social achievements and the College has been rewarded with positive results in both VET and ATAR Pathways.

CNC has established itself as a school with remarkable results through a culture of excellence in teaching and learning and a promotion of a safe and caring learning environment. We are committed to maintaining positive learning relationships with our students to ensure their academic success and holistic personal development.