Cannington Community College (4169)

School Overview

Cannington Community College is situated in the heart of Cannington's business precinct and caters for students from Kindergarten to Year 10. Our experienced and highly trained teachers provide innovative and engaging lessons that motivate students to achieve their potential. The College maintains a very strong focus on numeracy and literacy whilst catering for the diverse individual needs of our students. We are the only public school of this type in the inner metropolitan area of Perth.

Our teaching programs challenge students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to become independent learners and, ultimately, to contribute meaningfully to their community. All classrooms are equipped with modern information technology facilities and teachers use teaching strategies that have been proven to bring the best results. Our Workplace Learning Academy Education program in year 10 enables eligible students to learn via a workplace based model. Students in Year 10 can also engage in formal trade trading.

The College is open for all students, irrespective of social background or economic circumstance and is inclusive of the local community. We are guided by five core values in everything we do.

* Respect and concern for others and their rights
* Pursuit of knowledge and commitment to achievement of potential
* Self-acceptance and respect of self
* Social and civic responsibility
* Environmental responsibility

We have a very strong focus on looking after 'the whole child' and pastoral care is always a priority.

The College has benefited from the Federal Government Investing in Our Schools and Building the Education Revolution programs and we have a number of new or upgraded learning facilities. Every classroom is air cooled or air-conditioned and a grounds improvement program is well under way. In addition to our own grassed playing areas, we have use of nearby Coker Park, the Ern Clark Athletics Centre and the City of Canning Leisureplex. Students finishing Year 10 at the College have automatic entry into Sevenoaks Senior College where university and trades preparation courses are available.

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