Sevenoaks Senior College (4165)

School Overview

Sevenoaks Senior College is an Independent Public School that provides students with a progressive and practical alternative approach to Year 11 and 12 schooling. Our central focus is on maintaining an engaging young adult environment that supports and empowers students to fulfil their individual academic, career and social aspirations. The modern approach to education offered at Sevenoaks Senior College equips all students to develop the social skills, values and understanding to be future-ready, informed citizens.

As a senior campus, Sevenoaks Senior College caters for up to 500 students aged 16-19 years, predominantly from the Cannington area, but also from many other parts of the State. Students represent many cultural backgrounds, contributing to our richly diverse and dynamic learning environment. We provide a number of flexible pathways designed to capitalise on the unique interests and strengths of all individuals. Students can opt for pathways to university, vocational training or the workforce through their study of ATAR, General or Foundation WACE courses and TAFE Certificate qualifications. Our Workplace Learning programs allows students to gain important industry skills and to make valuable connections with the community and potential future employers.

The extensive range of programs on offer at the Sevenoaks Senior College include numerous WACE ATAR courses. WACE General and Foundation courses in a wide variety of areas are also available. Students can complete Certificates in Automotive and Metals Engineering within our state-of-art Trade Training Centre. Many students choosing this pathway transition directly into traineeships or apprenticeships as a result of our strong relationships with multiple Industry partners. Other certificate options for students include Work Skills, Aviation, Hospitality and Music. Both the Clontarf Football and Follow the Dream programs at Sevenoaks Senior College have a well-established history of supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to engage with their secondary schooling and achieve success. The Canning Skills Big Picture Academy at the College serves as a two-year re-engagement program underpinned by personalisation and guidance under the care of an Advisory teacher. Individual Learning Programs are developed, whereby each student is given access to an education that is relevant and responsive to their personal needs and interests. Literacy and numeracy skills are developed through the delivery of Certificates I and II in General Education for Adults and Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways.

The mature, young adult ethos of our students, numerous educational pathways, flexible timetabling, holistic pastoral support and student-centred pedagogy at Sevenoaks Senior College offer an outstanding and progressive environment for students to maximise their potential.