Geraldton Senior High School (4163)

School Overview

Geraldton Senior High School is an inclusive, diverse and vibrant, growing school of choice located in a coastal, connected community. In 2019 the school transitioned to a Year 7 to 12 campus with an additional 3-year groups added to the school site. The school has adjusted well to this change and staff have worked to ensure younger students are catered for and provided with opportunities throughout their six years of schooling. The first group of Year 7 students will complete Year 12 in 2024.

Our collective vision and moral purpose is 'Learning Now, for the Future'. We are dedicated to this vision, and it calls us to action in several areas that define what Learning Now, for the Future, means.

It means that we teach a curriculum that is rich with real world relevance and has embedded career development within it. Our students are exposed to opportunities for career exploration through language and work-related skills. We teach our students to be literate and numerate to provide them with the foundation of empowerment for their futures. This is balanced with the commitment to explicit teaching of social, emotional and self-regulation skills, in order to prepare them for a life of wellbeing. We focus on our students becoming effective positive communicators. We design our learning experiences to ensure students learn to think critically and problem solve, using design thinking as crucial STEM thinking skills for the future. We help our students define what the future is for them, and what success looks like for them, in both the short term and long term. Above all, we purposefully plan learning that will prepare our students to contribute to their community and society as a whole.

The schools values are Respect, Responsibility and Doing Your Best everyday. Students are explicitly taught these values and they are reinforced to our students in a range of forums and ways. These form the cornerstone of the school's work as staff and the way we also interact with each other and our students. 

The school provides a broad range of educational pathways leading to an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications and future employment.

Geraldton Senior High School is highly regarded within the Geraldton community. We consider our meaningful relationships between teachers, students and their families vital to each student's 'success at school'.

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