Lakeland Senior High School (4150)

School Overview

Lakeland Senior High School is an Independent Public School located in South Lake. The school is close to the city and situated near the freeway and Cockburn Central train and bus station. Partner primary schools include Beeliar Primary School, Yangebup Primary School, Bibra Lake Primary School and South Lake Primary School. Approximately 40% of students live outside of the Lakeland SHS boundary with many selected into our endorsed specialist programs and school developed enrichment programs.

The school caters for all students with a comprehensive range of courses and pathways to best meet the needs and interests of students. Approximately 30% of students undertake a university (ATAR) pathway. ATAR and non-ATAR students have access to a wide choice in nationally endorsed Certificate II & III courses.

The school has high expectations of students and for success. Students are encouraged to 'Strive to Achieve' which is our school motto. The Independent Review of Lakeland SHS was completed in 2015 and was very complimentary of the school's performance and improvement focus.

They identified exceptional practice through their identified commendations:

the success of the specialist programs in lifting student performance, fostering stronger personal development, raising the profile of the school and instilling confidence within the school's community
the improvement in school ambience and the individual safety and self-esteem of its students as the result of carefully targeted strategies
the improvement of the school's reputation and the increase in public confidence in the school
the success of programs to support the transition of students at educational risk from primary school to Lakeland Senior High School.

Students who perform well in all facets of school life may apply for a level of student status referred to as Advanced Standing. These students are recognised and rewarded for their efforts. Elite performance is celebrated and we are very proud of our many outstanding athletes; past and present, who have represented Western Australia and Australia. Many other students have excelled in academic life, vocational education and training, citizenship and leadership e.g. Subject Exhibition winners, Prime Ministers Award, scholarship winners and numerous other prizes. The school has received acclaim for its performances in Music Technology, which includes performance and production. Similarly the Specialist Touch Football Program has been widely successful and has dominated State Championships and state team representation for many years, while being formally included in Touch Football WA's Elite Athlete Pathway Plan.

A commitment to the wearing of the school uniform is an enrolment condition at Lakeland Senior High School. This is supported by the Department's of Education's Dress Code and is endorsed by the P&C and School Board.

Lakeland SHS has participated in The Effective School Improvement Project since 2012. The What's Happening in This School (WHITS) data provides quality research and feedback to evaluate how well we are performing as a school and to what extent we are improving. Approximately thirty public and independent schools are involved. A cross section of students from all years are surveyed about aspects of the school. The comparative data shows our progression over time and compares how different student groups perceive the school. We will be carefully reviewing the data with our staff early next year.