Woodvale Secondary College (4144)

School Overview

Woodvale Secondary College's goal is to pursue excellence based on reflective use of student data, strong community links and whole College focus on teaching and learning. Our College vision and values are reflected in our commitment to working together with our College community to provide an innovative and caring learning environment where each student is given the opportunity to develop academic rigour and to achieve personal excellence.

The College enjoys the expertise of highly trained staff who provide a safe, inclusive learning environment which is also specifically focused on the individual student. College staff share the belief that each and every student can achieve their best through the support that is available to them. This is enshrined in the College motto of Pursuing Excellence and in the mission statement: Woodvale empowers, challenges and supports students to achieve their personal best and engage as responsible global citizens.

Woodvale Secondary College students are connected to their local community in many ways, including workplace learning, music performances, links to Edith Cowan University, sporting engagements and an array of incursions and excursions. Students are connected to the global community through a College focus on Asian languages and regular international trips and exchange programs.

Academically, our students perform at a level above the state average. Senior students have high rates of University and training (TAFE) offers. A strong Student Services team ensures early intervention for students at risk as well as extending and recognising students who are achieving at high levels.

The Vocational Education and Training program in the College is highly valued by the wider school community and also operates as an important vehicle for building strong community links in the College. A Hospitality Trade Training Centre, built in 2011, contributes to the high quality industry experience provided to students undertaking Certificate courses.

Woodvale Secondary College is at the forefront of the use of technology in public schools as it is viewed as one of the key drivers for improvement and curriculum delivery. Every student has a laptop and all staff and students have participated in extensive professional learning to use Information and Communications Technology as a learning tool.

Our College has Specialist Basketball and Football (Soccer) programs in which the teams consistently perform outstandingly at both State and national levels. The College Football (Soccer) Specialist program is the only Department of Education approved program of its kind in the northern suburbs of Perth.

Woodvale Secondary College also offers a Specialist Music program that provides students with many opportunities to perform in a range of venues and locations locally, domestically and internationally. The Music program is large with numerous ensembles and instrumental resources enabling the provision of unique musical opportunities which few other schools can provide.

Woodvale Secondary College has formed a Learning Community with its local area intake primary schools. This network of schools works closely together to ensure a seamless transition for our students from primary to secondary school.

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