Mount Magnet District High School (4142)

School Overview

Our vision is to ensure our students develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve their full potential, become lifelong learners and to make positive contributions to society.

From our friendly office staff to the wonderful student artwork dotted around the school - students, staff and visitors alike feel our positivity and warmth.
We have around 88 students from Kindergarten to Year 10 from diverse cultural backgrounds and are guided by our expectations: We are Respectful, We are Responsible, We are Achievers.

Literacy and numeracy, are integral part of every single day at school and we strive to provide every student with opportunities to learn the skills they will need for life after school. Zones of Regulation are taught in Primary School, to complement the Positive Behaviour Strategies that the school values and promotes. A number of opportunities are delivered electronically, if students are eligible, such as the Primary Extension and Challenge Program and Year 11-12 courses.

Our dedicated and skilled staff work hard to build respectful, trusting relationships with our students and families, making our parents partners in their child's education. The school engages external providers with suitable training to enhance the school experience for students as these are available. The Shine program has been purchased, Teach Learn Grow and Awesome Arts have all offered specialist activities to students to encourage engagement at school.
Students have a range of opportunities to engage in health-focused activities including the 'Edge of Nowhere' initiative which has generated a garden and includes cooking healthy food.

The school and town are located in Badimia Country, with a number of students and staff members closely connected to and continuing language and culture. The school has a Wajarri Language program and along with visual arts, this is important in both the school and community. The School is part of the Murchison Network of schools comprising of Meekatharra District High School, Yulga Jinna Remote Community School, Cue Primary School, Yalgoo Primary School and Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School. Find out more about our school by calling 9963 4081 or emailing