School Of Isolated And Distance Education (4141)

School Overview

The School of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) is the main centre for K-12 distance education and online learning within the Department of Education. Located in the Perth suburb of Leederville, it provides quality education for students who for various reasons cannot attend classes in a regular school.

SIDE students include WA students who are:
* geographically isolated and unable to attend a local school.
* long term travellers within Australia and overseas
* unable to attend regular school due to health conditions
* involved in elite sporting or artistic programs
* school-based students whose local schools are unable to offer courses they wish to take.

SIDE offers the same education opportunities and support as most primary and secondary schools, including support for students with disabilities, students with learning difficulties and gifted and talented students. A feature of the student experience at SIDE is the support from teachers in all years and SIDE's secondary Student Services team. SIDE offers a full K-12 curriculum, with a broad range of Year 11 and 12 courses, catering for all post-school destinations, including university, TAFE, private providers and employment.

SIDE is an online school. It is a leader in the use of technology to deliver a high standard education regardless of location. The school uses digital technologies to deliver online education programs. It occurs in two forms:
* Synchronous, real-time communication via the Department's WebEx web-conferencing platform. Students have access to scheduled 'live' instruction.
* Asynchronous, 24/7 access. Moodle is used to deliver curriculum materials and facilitate student and staff collaboration online.

A strong pastoral care program ensures that students are well supported throughout their schooling with SIDE. Teachers in years K-6 support students and their parents who are partners in their child's education, and skilled teachers and student coordinators in years 7-12 support the transition to SIDE and ongoing study within the secondary school.

Please contact us for further information about the school.

T: 9242 6300