Gingin District High School (4135)

School Overview

Our school vision is to create an uplifting and positive school community where all students succeed. We deliver a relevant curriculum for our students by balancing academic achievement with other areas of endeavour including STEM, the Arts, Physical Education and Horticulture. Our ongoing success is demonstrated through the positive student results we achieve and the awards that our school has won over many years.

Our school offers a strong range of experiences for all of our students, including academic, sporting and extra-curricular activities. Our staff pride themselves in knowing students individually, and in using that knowledge to help students achieve positive life goals and transition successfully to their next phase of learning or work. As a school, of course, we are judged on the quality of the learning and the standards that we achieve. Our NAPLAN writing results have improved every year for the past four years, across all of the years tested. All of our NAPLAN results are at expected level, or well above expected level for each year level.

We are incredibly proud of each individual student and staff member here at school, as their harmonious professional relationships are part of the reason why it is considered a happy and stimulating place.

The work of our Early Childhood teachers is highly valued. Aside from the nurturing and positive environment that these teachers provide, our systemic On-Entry results show that our students achieve results not just better than like schools, but better than most schools across the state. The quality of the learning in Early Childhood puts our students on a path to a successful school career and a successful life.

At the other end of the school, almost all of our Year 10 students achieve success in the OLNA assessment that leads to their Western Australian Certificate of Education at the end of Year 12. With our new expanded opportunities for Year 11 and 12 students, we are confident that we provide high levels of success for students across their entire learning journey.

As a school, we focus on learning, of course. But we also believe that school should develop the whole person, and the range of experiences that we provide shows how committed our teachers and non-teaching staff are to developing all of our students. All of our staff endeavour to achieve our school's vision - to create a positive, uplifting school community where students succeed.

With a wide range of events and opportunities for students, we develop a holistic approach to supporting each student.

Our staff have established a whole school process for teaching students, which ensures consistency in teaching across the whole school. This process is included later in this handbook. Our whole school literacy and numeracy plans ensure the provision of high-quality teaching for all students throughout their schooling.

Most of our students come to Gingin District High School by bus. School buses are well maintained and supervised, and bus drivers provide regular information and communication to parents and the school. Your family may be eligible for transport assistance for travel to and from your school bus stop; please check on the Public Transport Authority website.

For more information, please contact the school on 9575 5300