Yule Brook College (4127)

School Overview

Yule Brook College is a proud Independent Public School inspired by our ethos of 'one student at a time in a community of learners'.

Our school strives to meet the individual interests and needs of our students and provide support to develop the dimensions of the whole person.

First opened as Maddington Senior High school in 1978, the school became a middle school in 2000 and was renamed Yule Brook College. In 2020 the Minister for Education announced the return of senior schooling in 2022 using the Big Picture Education design.

Since 2008 we have used the Big Picture design to provide a personalised learning plan based on each student's interests and passions. The Advisory class is an integral part of our school structure and students develop a strong bond with their class and teacher.

Advisory teachers remain with their student group as they progress through the years. They maintain regular contact and build strong relationships with families, who are involved in the development of their child's learning plans. At the end of each term parents attend an exhibition presented by their child to showcase their work and demonstrate their learning.

From Year 9 students extend their learning outside the classroom by attending an internship for at least one day a week. Here, they learn from a mentor who shares their interest and complete project work related to their passion. Students also have access to the 'Makerspace' within the school - a space with tools and materials where they can design, invent, make and learn by doing.

From 2023 senior school students will be awarded the International Big Picture Learning Credential which supports pathways to employment, further training or university. This innovative approach to assessment and final year certification captures and measures a broader array of student capacities, experiences and strengths than traditional assessment regimes. The Credential includes a graduate's attainments, backed up by evidence of the work that makes up their Graduation Portfolio.

Since 2001 we have worked in partnership with our Noongar community members and students to develop and renew our Aboriginal community agreement. Approximately one third of our students are Aboriginal, and the school has a long history of partnerships with organisations including Clontarf, the Wirrpanda Foundation and Follow the Dream. These organisations share our goal to improve educational outcomes for all young people, and in particular to close the gap between the outcomes for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth.

The school also has a large Filipino population, and around a quarter of students come from families where English is not their first language.

Families are vital partners with teachers for decision making in our school. Our school board includes representation from the local community, parents and staff.

For more information about our school:
T: 9251 8333
W: yulebrookcollege.wa.edu.au
F: facebook.com/YuleBrookCollege