East Kimberley College (4123)

School Overview

Kununurra District High School is a K - 12 school with approximately 600 students in Kindergarten to Year Six and 350 secondary students in Years 7 to 12. About 50% of our students are indigenous.

The school is located on a large, well maintained and attractive site in the centre of Kununurra. In 2013 a $50 million building program was completed which resulted in extensive new classrooms and resources becoming available across both the primary and secondary areas. This now means that students have access to the most modern of facilities to support their learning, despite being a large distance from a major centre.

The school draws from a diverse town population of around 6000, representing Aboriginal communities, agricultural, horticultural, mining and related service industries. An extensive range of State and Commonwealth agencies is represented in Kununurra and they work closely with us to ensure the best support is available for our students.

The staff comprises around 65 teachers and more than 50 support staff. There is a healthy mix of teachers with a range of experiences. In addition to the Level 6 Principal, there are eight promotional positions including two Level 4 Deputy Principals, three Level 3 Deputy Principals, two Level 3 Head of Learning Areas, and a Student Services Coordinator. The Business Manager (L5) manages the school finances and support staff.

In recent years the school has introduced explicit teaching across all year levels, based on the John Fleming Model of Explicit Instruction. Improved levels of student performance are becoming evident as this method has become embedded.

The school has a range of support programs in place for Indigenous students, including a Clontarf Football Academy (Years 5 - 7), a Girls Academy (Years 7 - 12), an Indigenous Rangers program, and the Follow the Dream after school support program for secondary students, all designed to support and encourage good school attendance.

Despite the school's geographic isolation opportunities are provided for students to expand their sporting, cultural, academic and social experiences. The school has a strong music program in both primary and secondary areas, operates extension classes in all years from Year 5 to Year 10, and has enjoyed academic success at ATAR level.

Our school promotes family involvement and actively encourages parents to participate in school activities. We recognise the importance of engaging with the parents of young children early in their school life and operate a parent meeting room in partnership with the Wunan Foundation where parents can engage in informal activities in a non-threatening environment.

The climate and remoteness of Kununurra can be a challenge, with up to 4 months of weather with high humidity and temperatures above 40 degrees. For the greater part of the year the climatic conditions are pleasant with maximum temperatures around 30 degrees. The rugged East Kimberley landscape provides extensive opportunities for educational activities that are water based, involve walking and climbing, or require practical opportunities in agriculture and land management.