East Kimberley College (4123)

School Overview

East Kimberley College is one of the largest K-12 schools in the State with approximately 1100 students enrolled. With almost 52% of enrolments being indigenous, it also has the largest enrolment of Aboriginal students of any school in the State.

The College offers all that one would expect in a larger metropolitan school, yet has that unique friendly atmosphere typical of a rural community. Our College strives to ensure all students, regardless of ability or style of learning, are provided with the opportunity to reach their full potential in a positive, supportive and engaging learning environment. We foster individual student interests, encourage active participation in the learning process, and assist students to develop their ability to apply knowledge and skills to real life experiences and challenges.
Our expectations are high and we do not wavier from those expectations as this has the potential to comprise the quality of education we provide to our students. A quality, robust, needs driven educational program which is challenging for students is delivered. A happy, welcoming environment with high quality teaching and learning experiences and quality resources exists, with positive behaviour an underlying fundamental to success.

At East Kimberley College our belief is that 'every student matters every day' and we foster our values through a recognised and respected ethos, 'Seek Strive Believe, Achieve'.
Community confidence is a significant component of being a recognised and respected educational institution, a testament to our ability to deliver upon our promise to be 'the school of choice'. Together we achieve focused academic goals, along with social and emotional growth for our students.

Our College values its strong partnerships with the parent and wider community and has an extremely active and supportive Parents and Citizens Association and School Council.

Approximately 150 staff are employed at the College, 80 as teachers with the balance in non-teaching support roles, including Education Assistants and Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers. Maintaining positive attendance at the school is a constant challenge and in support of this, a number of non-teaching staff are involved in assisting students to attend school and to remain engaged. Also assisting with this are multiple Aboriginal programs, including the Clontarf Football Academy, Role Models Girls Academy, and the Polly Farmer Foundation Follow the Dream Program for aspirant Aboriginal students. All of these organisations are located on site and proactively working with and in support of our students. We also partner closely with local Aboriginal corporations, Miriwoong Gajerrong Corporation, Wunan Foundation and Waringarri Aboriginal Corporation, to ensure education and school attendance is recognised as a priority in our community.

The College is located on a large, well-maintained and attractive site in the centre of Kununurra. The school draws from a diverse town population representing Aboriginal communities, agricultural, horticultural, mining and related service industries. An extensive range of State and Commonwealth agencies are represented in Kununurra and they work closely with the school to ensure the best support is available for our students.

In 2013 the College enjoyed a $50 million building upgrade, through the East Kimberley Development Package, providing students and staff with contemporary facilities in which to work and learn. At the completion of the construction work, Explicit Instruction as the principal pedagogical approach was introduced across all year levels.
East Kimberley College is proud of its extremely successful Senior School program and has achieved excellent Year 12 results for consecutive years. The 2018 Year 12 cohort included two students entering the most prestigious 99 Club.

Please feel free to visit or contact the College. We look forward to witnessing the positive influence your children will have on our College.

T: 08 9168 4400
E: EastKimberley.Col@education.wa.edu.au