Waroona District High School (4103)

School Overview

Waroona District High School offers a Kindergarten to Year 10 education to our students. The school is situated in a beautiful garden setting close to the town centre and adjacent to a modern recreation and aquatic centre. We are able to utilise this facility to enhance our curriculum delivery in physical education on a regular basis.
Our school operates a number of specialist programs including Physical Education and Elite Sport, Visual Arts, Design and Technology and Home Economics. The school attends Country Week annually and it is a much anticipated experience for our students. We have purpose built Music and Dance Rooms are steadily developing and providing a new Music and Performing Arts program which we hope will continue to grow substantially in the years to come. This affords our students the opportunity to develop their talents in this area. We operate a thriving Bush Rangers Cadet Program in which every secondary student is involved. This enables the school to provide a well resourced environmental program affording our students the opportunity to build relationships with local environmental groups and industry. These opportunities exist on our doorstop and give our students a distinct advantage over others in the development of environmental skills and knowledge.
Our purpose is to provide a quality education for all of our students. We achieve this by creating a positive school culture which encompasses consistent and clear expectations for both staff and students based on common language. We provide a safe learning and teaching environment which encourages a sense of belonging and strong community partnerships. The School became a Positive Behaviour School (PBS) in 2015 and has a strong team of teachers, administrators and community members who are working collaboratively to ensure its effective implementation. A matrix which defines whole school expectations has been developed and adopted across the school; Kindergarten to Year 10. The aim of this is the achievement of greater positive academic and behavioural outcomes for all students.
Waroona District High School values the assistance and support of our local community. They share the schools high expectations for their children's education and for the school as a whole. We have two strong P&C groups which focus on all sections of the school Their generous donations and provision of services to our school; including such things as the Uniform Shop and various Social Events keeps our school thriving. It makes for a happy and warm atmosphere which is noted by all who visit us. We also have an elected School Council which represents the interests of students, staff, parents and the community as a whole.

Waroona DHS is in a fabulous position as we move forward and continue to strive to be the quality school that the community both wants and deserves: 'The School of Choice' in our local area. For further information please see our school website at www.waroonadhs.wa.edu.au