Pemberton District High School (4095)

School Overview

At Pemberton District High School, we are driven by our firm belief in the capacity for all students to achieve success. We treat each student as an individual and tailor educational programs to celebrate their strengths and extend their potential.

Our students are enthusiastic learners with inquisitive minds and caring natures. They are recognised across the community for their responsible and respectful approach, seeking out and successfully facing challenges with positivity and self-belief, truly embodying our school values of Challenge, Respect and Resilience.

Our school priorities focus on achieving significant literacy, numeracy and learning environment outcomes and our results are consistently above that of similar schools. In 2018 we received national recognition from ACARA for substantial literacy and numeracy improvements over the last three years. These outstanding results confirm our learning programs support excellent levels of academic achievement from Kindergarten to Year 10.

At Pemberton District High School, students engage in a broad range of subjects from across the curriculum. Primary students learn from specialist teachers in design and technologies, digital technologies, visual and performing arts classes. Secondary students are provided extensive subject choice including criminal investigations, media, photography, woodwork, outdoor education, drama, visual arts, journalism and food technology.

Students also enjoy specialty programs with a focus on agriculture and sustainability. The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program for children from Kindergarten to Year 6 incorporates sustainable agricultural practices with understandings of a paddock-to-plate ethos and nutrition, as well as food production, preparation and presentation. In Years 7 to 10, the agriculture program covers all aspects of growing quality produce, fencing, agricultural skills, marketing and animal husbandry with a focus on sustainable practices.

While we provide all the academic opportunities and standards of a large school, it is our small size that so successfully promotes the development of well-rounded young people. As a Positive Behaviour Support school, our friendly and respectful culture is reflected within all classrooms, where eager and focused students are supported by passionate and dedicated teachers. Behavioural issues are minimal, allowing students and teachers to focus on the core business of learning.

Educational success is measured by more than just academic results and we aim to meet the emotional, physical and social needs of all students. We believe this is best achieved through positive partnerships between school and home. Teachers know each family individually and maintain clear and consistent communication within this vital relationship.

We recognise that memorable, authentic and powerful learning often occurs outside the classroom. Our students are provided a wide range of opportunities to develop essential skills of communication, team-work, problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity through their engagement with enrichment activities including camps, excursions, workshops and competitions.

The school's facilities include a purpose built design and technologies workshop, digital technologies and science laboratories, a hot house with hydroponics and aquaponics setups, visual arts studio, lush gardens and a full-size, superbly maintained oval. Pemberton District High School is set on 18 acres, located amongst the forests of the South West region.

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