Kulin District High School (4083)

School Overview

Kulin District High School caters for students in years K-10 and is located in the Central Wheat Belt just over 100kms east of Narrogin. Most of the students live on farms and travel to school on one of the seven buses that service the area. Many of the secondary students who graduate from Kondinin Primary School also attend Kulin District High School maintaining stable numbers in the high school. The school is well resourced with facilities that include an information technology centre, science laboratory, a new engineering and technology centre, home economics, art and library rooms.

Kulin District High school has excellent staff who are not only committed to the school but are also very involved in the wider community. Many of the staff are married to Kulin 'locals' and therefore have a long term investment in making Kulin DHS the best school that it can be. At Kulin DHS all of the teachers work together to provide an inclusive program for all of our students. We have a wonderful group of education assistants who work very closely with the teachers to help our students improve. We have developed an extensive program to ensure all of our students 'at risk' are receiving the help that they need. Many of the students who have graduated from Kulin DHS have been successful in a range of occupations from professionals such as teachers, nurses, engineers and pilots to become valued members of the local community. The school offers extension programmes in Maths and Science as well as developing career based programmes across the school. Specialist staff teach Art, Music, Design & Technology, Computing, Science and Physical Education. A specialist literacy teacher also supports the Early Childhood classes.

We are privileged to be supported by a vibrant community which works hard to improve school facilities. Air-conditioning and state-of-the art computers and Interactive Whiteboards in every class have been provided through extensive fundraising efforts. School-community links are strong with an active School Council and Parents and Citizens, providing a voice for the community. Parents, staff and students are very proud of the school.

The working environment at Kulin DHS is very friendly and most visitors who come to the school comment on how nice the 'tone' of the school is. Student behaviour is excellent throughout the school and we are particularly proud of the behaviour of our high school students. In recent times we have focussed on improving standards across the school and have seen a dramatic improvement in work presentation, uniforms and respect. Aesthetically Kulin DHS has a lovely working environment; the grounds are maintained by an excellent gardener who takes pride in how the school looks. The lawns and gardens enhance the learning environment for our students. Our school cleaners do an outstanding job ensuring that all of the classrooms are presented to a high standard at all times.

During the year our students are involved in a myriad of programs where they not only acquit themselves well but are recognised for their respect and sportsmanship. Kulin DHS is a great school in which to work as everyone tries hard to adhere to the school vision that:
'Kulin District High School aims to be recognised as a school of excellence where students are eager and proud to attend, parents want to send their children, staff love to work and which the local and wider community values and supports.'