Dowerin District High School (4075)

School Overview

At Dowerin District High School all students are encouraged to achieve their personal best in every aspect of their education.

An enthusiastic and talented staff at Dowerin District High School make admirable use of excellent resources and strong community links to deliver an engaging and varied curriculum.
Becoming an Independent Public School in 2013 provided increased autonomy - creating greater flexibility to tailor physical, financial and human resources for the benefit of our students. We are proud our first Independent Review in 2015 indicated we were performing extremely well.

Our school priorities of Success for All Students (academic as well as social and emotional) and Excellence in Teaching and Leadership are supported by whole school planning for improvement and curriculum delivery. Our good practice is recognised by our appointment as a Regional Teacher Development School for Mathematics and Science.

At Dowerin District High School we are focussed on preparing students for a world that requires multi-disciplinary STEM thinking and capability. Our school is well placed to embrace the delivery of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects and, with financial support from the community has purchased excellent resources to ensure students have optimum chance to be engaged and successful.

Student well-being and personal growth is integrated across all learning areas through our virtues, protective behaviours and restorative justice programs. This encourages student achievement and positive behaviour is regularly acknowledged.

Parents and the wider community are always keen to be involved with the school to maximise student success and engagement. The Parents and Citizen's Association furthers this support with on-site working bees to improve and maintain the grounds, facilities and resources, and by undertaking robust fundraising activities which allows the purchase of additional resources.

Our comprehensive facilities, which include a recently replaced science demountable and a completely refurbished home economics room, allow students to explore and develop their talents in many learning areas. The school also boasts well-kept grounds which include our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.

Dowerin District High School's vision is to be a community conscious education institution which produces socially and civically responsible citizens who are equipped for life-long learning and strive for excellence. Dowerin is well positioned to achieve this vision.

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