Donnybrook District High School (4074)

School Overview

Donnybrook District High School is a combined school (Kindergarten - Year 10) situated on two sites that lie 1.5 kilometres apart. Donnybrook District High School services the communities of Donnybrook, Kirup and Balingup.

The Junior Campus at Mead Street caters for Kindergarten to Year 6, while the Senior Campus at Bentley Street has a country garden feel and caters for Year 7 to Year 10. In recent years there has been a concerted effort, to strengthen the links between both campuses by an increasing focus on sharing staff and facilities and combining for whole school events. This has been particularly successful and well received by the Donnybrook school community.

District High Schools are truly distinctive learning environments that have the potential to offer both Primary and Secondary students an array of opportunities that develop them academically, socially and emotionally.

All Primary students (Yr 1-6) currently have access to Computing, Physical Education and Music teachers, which complement the teaching and learning delivered by their classroom teachers. The Year 5/6 students also attend an Options Program at the Senior Campus that provides them with access to Art, Physical Education, Design and Technology and Technology and Enterprise specialists and facilities. The Year 3-4 students also have access to a Secondary Art specialist. Over the past two years, we have also been fortunate to provide Science to Upper Primary students from a Science specialist.

The Year 7/8 students have access to specialist teachers in the core and non-core learning areas. For a small Secondary school, Donnybrook District High School is proud to offer these students Physical Education, Woodwork, Metalwork, Art, Food, Textiles, Information Communication Technologies and Library. The Year 9/10 students also have access to specialist teachers in the core and non-core learning areas, with the further option to undertake a Certificate 1 Course in Business, Hospitality, Metals and Engineering, Sport and Recreation or Horticulture.

School community partnerships are integral to the success of the school and are therefore a central focus of the school. Donnybrook District High School has established strong links with businesses within the local and broader communities that are enhancing the schools' programs and creating opportunities that are available to the students. The P&C has been reinvigorated through the commitment of new parents and carers. These parents and carers have vested significantly in supporting the school, its programs and the direction it is heading.

Donnybrook District High School has established a School Board that is committed to actively supporting the Leadership Team to improve student learning. In addition to their participation in planning, reviewing and monitoring school improvement, they have engaged superbly with the school's Business Plan and priority areas. Through the adoption of a 'portfolio' approach, they are valuable contributors to the strategies that are supporting our targets and milestones.

In 2017, we intend to further capitalise on our context to make certain the students are benefiting immensely from an education at a District High School. As a combined school we have a great deal to offer. We are going to be bold, creative and flexible in our decision-making. Making the most of our Independent Public School status!

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