Broome Senior High School (4064)

School Overview

Broome Senior High School Overview

Broome Senior High School has over 850 students and is located in one of WA's premier tourist locations. In 2012, Broome Senior High School was awarded the accolade of WA's Secondary School of the Year. In 2013, Broome Senior High School was granted Independent Public School (IPS) status and is a part of the Broome Cluster of Independent Public Schools with a string of achievements including 2014 YOH Fest winners, 2014 Rotary Pride Workmanship Award recipients and 2013 Registrar of the Year. The school's academic results over the past five years have been outstanding, with the school now firmly entrenched as one of the top 10 state schools in WA.

The success of our school is the result of the concerted efforts and unrelenting focus on student outcomes. Broome Senior High School offers a full range of academic subjects for students in all years, along with a variety of programs aimed to develop and/or engage the academic, social, creative, leadership and sporting talents of our students. This includes the establishment of an academic extension program for students entering into high school from primary school. We currently retain close to 90 per cent of students from our cluster of primary schools.

School Vision
Broome Senior High School's vision is to provide a safe and caring learning environment, allowing every individual to reach his or her full potential. We achieve this vision through high-quality teaching, and the building and maintaining of positive respectful relationships with our students, parents and colleagues.
Broome Senior High School has a high regard for respect, perseverance, pride, responsibility and honesty.

Our values are:
* EXCELLENCE: personal and professional, be the best you can be.
* POSITIVE RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS between staff, students, parents and the community.
* COMMITMENT to self, to others, to the school, to the Cluster, to the system.
* INTEGRITY: moral soundness, doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.

Broome Senior High School plays an integral role within the community, enrolling the majority of Broome's young people. Partnerships with the Broome community are strong and we continue to develop these relationships to provide a range of services and opportunities to students, including support services by external agencies, work placement and training opportunities. We have an active School Board and our Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C) engages parents to become involved in events within the school, acting as a forum to discuss issues related to the school and its community. The school has educational partnerships with Kimberley Training Institute and other workplace providers to ensure the students are successful in achieving WACE and/or an appropriate pathway. We are members of the Broome Chamber of Commerce and the Master Builders Association.

Broome Cluster of Independent Public Schools
In 2013 Broome Senior High School was awarded Independent Public School (IPS) status as part of the Broome Cluster of Independent Schools. Our Broome Cluster consists of four primary schools (Broome Primary School, Broome North Primary School, Cable Beach Primary School and Roebuck Primary School) and ourselves. As a Cluster of Independent Public Schools, we represent 'Five Schools, One Community'. As a group of leading educators, our Cluster vision is to improve the standards of education offered in Broome, creating improved opportunities for intellectual, social, physical, creative and experimental learning through high-quality teaching and strong pastoral care relationships.

By improving education and the opportunities open to our students, we endeavour to retain families in Broome thus strengthening our community. We strongly promote the notion that you can start your schooling in Kindergarten and finish it in Year 12, all in Broome.

To achieve our goal, the Cluster has four clear priorities, which are regularly reflected upon by our individual School Boards and our Cluster Board. They are:
* Sharing of excellence.
* Provide a seamless transition from K to Year 12.
* Retain students and families in Broome.
* Maintain a safe and inclusive community.
At all times these focus points enable us to achieve the best outcomes for students across all year levels from K to Year 12. As a Cluster we have three core values. They are:
* Excellence: Personal and professional, be the best you can be.
* Positive respectful relationships: Between all Cluster staff, students, parents and the community.
* Commitment: To self, to others, to the school, to the Cluster.