Brookton District High School (4063)

School Overview

Preparing today's child for tomorrow's world.

The purpose of our school is to empower your child to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes to become resilient, considerate individuals who make positive contributions to the society in which they live now and will live in the future.

Situated in the heart of the Avon Valley, we have been serving our community since 1903. Our appeal as a school rests in our strong sense of community, the values we celebrate and the commitment to realising the potential of all students in our care.

We set high expectations for our students' education and well-being. The K-10 campus allows seamless transition between the phases of education from early childhood to secondary. We value an explicit teaching approach in every classroom that clearly demonstrates and reinforces the literacy and numeracy skills students need to be successful and confident in life.

Our school offers extra-curricular programs such as Breakfast Club and Oracy Programs. Our quality staff have a breadth of experience for learning with specialised teachers in Maths, Science, English, Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Education, Noongar Cultural Studies, Beauty and STEM Learning. Our ability to provide SIDE learning compliments our onsite curriculum on offer. Our LOTE language is Noongar.

Offering a strong pastoral care program through our School Chaplain, Brookton District High School values a strong connection to our diverse school community that celebrates and welcomes all cultures in our classrooms.

We value a Safe, Organised, Achieving and Respectful learning environment in which students can S.O.A.R. Being a PBS school we encourage and explicitly teach positive behaviours throughout the school where all students can be engaged and successful. Dojo is used to communicate with our school community and offer a rewards based system throughout the school.

Our Music and Art Centre compliments our aesthetically pleasing grounds, playgrounds and student Nature Playground.

To discover more about Brookton District High School please telephone 9642 5000 or email