Boyup Brook District High School (4062)

School Overview

Boyup Brook is situated in the South West of Western Australia approximately 270km from Perth.

Boyup Brook District High School is a level 5 district high school catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 10 with students moving on to other schools for the Year 11/12 component of their secondary education. Students are drawn from families that are involved in farming, viticulture and local business. With the decline in rural operations student enrolment has decreased over the years. The school is located on two separate sites, with students from K - 6 educated at the primary site and students from years 7-10 at the Middle School site 600 metres away. The school was selected as an Independent Public School in 2012.

The school is classified as having a Socio-Economic Index of 101.75. In state and national testing Boyup Brook DHS students perform at or above state and like schools. Year 9 students are performing at or above the Australian schools mean in literacy and numeracy. A strong culture of high expectations academically, socially, emotionally and physically combined with experienced teachers and supportive parents produces the consistently good results from students. The school ethos of `Building strong relationships, strong values and strong minds' underpins everything that happens in the school.

There is a wide variety of expertise amongst staff which means that students have high quality teaching and learning in Mathematics, English, Society and Environment and Science. This expertise extends to being able to offer French and Italian as Languages Other than English, a whole school music program that includes vocal ensemble, choir and instrumental rock music and an art program that regularly wins awards for students. The school has the capacity to offer an unusually wide breadth of academic, arts and sports programs for a small, rural school.

Parents are actively involved in the school. In a recent survey when asked what aspect they liked most about the school parents made the following comments `Its community. It is inclusive of all and provides a warm, friendly environment. In doing so, it gives students a broad spectrum of learning' and `Put students and parents first'. A school priority is to involve parents and the community in the school and make the school a safe, supportive learning environment.

The school leadership team is made up of the principal and two deputy principals, a primary and a middle school deputy. The school has 18 teaching staff with a mix of experienced and younger teachers. Many staff have worked in the Boyup context for at least 10 years or more. Retention of teaching and support staff is very high as they usually are local and enjoy being part of this school community.

The school has been proactive in seeking additional grants and funding for improvement initiatives for students, resources and buildings and grounds. The Building the Education Revolution project provided the school with a new early childhood classroom and music centre. This has resulted in a well-resourced school that provides an excellent education for all students.