Beverley District High School (4060)

School Overview

Beverley District High School is an Independent Public School (K to Year 10) proudly committed to high performance and high care for both staff and students. We strive to ensure that our students have strong skills in literacy and numeracy, as well as personal wellbeing and social skills they require to achieve success.

With 150 students, we have small class sizes and are able to give all our students individual attention and care. We value close relationships with our school families and encourage collaborative partnerships with parents.

Our students can access individual and targeted literacy and numeracy support, and for identified students, the Talented and Gifted Students (TAGS) program to extend their mathematical, scientific and technological thinking.

Beverley District High School is well resourced with laptops, desktop computers and iPads, and our staff works closely with students to raise digital security awareness and online etiquette and safety.

Our school offers accredited vocational education and training (VET) for secondary students aged 15 years and older. Students in Year 10 - 12 also have the opportunity to complete an approved work placement at a business in the local community.

Beverley District High School enables students who are unable to access Yr 11 and 12 at another school due to special needs or circumstances, to enrol with SIDE (School of Isolated and Distance Education), and provides computer access facilities and supervision to assist with independent study in senior secondary years.

A sustainable school with beautiful grounds and historic buildings, we have a new nature playground and space for play and exploration in a relaxed and stimulating environment.

We welcome local families to join our school community to ensure that our school continues to become even more successful, supportive and sustainable.

To find out more about Beverley District High School:
T: (08) 9646 2500