Kelmscott Senior High School (4058)

School Overview

Kelmscott Senior High School is a school of opportunity for students. The school offers Department of Education endorsed Specialist Programs in Agriculture and Music, Gifted & Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Program and a range of Kelmscott Extension Programs (KEP) in Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities & Social Sciences. We are only one of two schools to provide Gifted & Talented online to rural areas.

Each year Kelmscott Senior High school receives students from our contributory primary schools of Clifton Hills, Grovelands, Kelmscott, Kingsley and Westfield Park Primary Schools. Students from outside of our intake area have access to the school through our Specialist Programs of Gifted & Talented Education, Music and Agriculture.

The school offers a suite of school based programs in Rowing, Languages (German & Japanese), Soccer and Athletics to cater for a range of student interests and abilities. There are a broad range of Senior School offerings in ATAR, General Courses and Vocational Education & Training (VET) Qualifications. All this occurs in excellent facilities with a strong focus on pastoral care.

We have a proud reputation of promoting students to be active citizens at the local, state, national and international levels. Students have access to language exchange programs, National Schools Constitutional Convention, Premier's ANZAC tour and World Scholar's Cup to name a few.

Former students have achieved recognition in the fields of Medicine, Law, Engineering, Drama, Music and Sport. Successful former students offer scholarships to current high achieving Kelmscott students in Year 12. The school is frequently positively recognised by the School Curriculum & Standards Authority for outstanding achievement of graduating Year 12 students, along with our students being selected to represent the school for a range of academic and sport.

The school's population ranges between 1350 and 1450 with an Aboriginal population of approximately 50 students. Students at our school have a diversity of ethnic backgrounds and we celebrate this diversity as a proud Independent Public School.